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Saturday, January 3, 2009

On top o'the world

Our barn cat, Moe, has found a new favorite napping spot - oh I am corrected - Moe feels it is incorrect to call what he does napping. It is actually "casual vigilance" - ok so much for listening to a cat.
Before you dismiss his feat of being casually vigilant on top of a haybale - check out the smaller picture. Moe is a long way off the ground here!

Our temperatures today are reaching almost 80 degrees and we have a slight breeze - yep - just about perfect for casual vigilancing and anything else we can find to do outside. I love Texas - it is warm and I'm trying hard not to be lazy on Buhlaland today !

DH and I have started through the bible again - we read an organized plan through the entire scriptures each year. It may sound to some people like a huge job - going through the scriptures in 365 days (actually we add Sunday readings to Saturday since we go to early church on Sunday). Right now we are in the early chapters of Genesis - where Abraham and Lot left Haran . I was caught by the description of Abraham and Sarai lying about their relationship and being rewarded for this sinful behavior with huge material blessings. What's up with that? DH and I talked about it and my understanding was the Lord gives us examples to show how He loves us -all us lying, prideful humans. I'm sure there are theologians who have other explanations for many rascals being dear to God's heart. In my scripture interpretation it seems God draws to Him people who have messed up because we are so grateful for His mercies. No condemnation to those straight and narrow folks - wish I'd been one. I needed to hear Grace today - I've been quite down on myself for a long while now and needed a clear reminder. God made me, He knows how I'm going to turn out, knows how sorry I am for my sinfulness and loves me right here and right now. Grace is truly amazing .
Whew - from cat pictures to my take on God's grace in a few paragraphs - that's the rabbit trail trekking here on Buhlaland.


Rachel and Jacob said...

peace is what i think of when I think of yourplace.... yours and Lacy's

Anna Colleen said...

That looks like a nice spot to sleep. have a great New Year

Kim@ForeverWherever said...

We just drove through Texas on our vacation! I love the warm weather!

Kathleen from Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Just love Moe! Your words are inspriing as always. Good luck on reading your Bible all the way through. Blessings, Kathleen

LindaSueBuhl said...

Rachel - when I think of your place - I think of activity and creativity!
Thanks Anna Colleen - cats do know how to find the best spot - Great New Year to you also
Kim - we get a little cold spell and right this moment - we are spelling! January is usually our coldest month. Hope you enjoyed your visit through Texas - is a long distance whether east to west or north south

Kathleen - this will be voyage number 8 for me - DH was in the habit before we got together and it took me a while (pretty normal for this stubborn gal) to realize how I'd enjoy it!