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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Besame mucho!

Nubiana and her daughter Ellie Skees are just such lovin' gals - Nubie looks all puckered up and ready for a big smooch. (A loose translation of besame mucho is generally kiss me lots or kiss me again and again). However "things" may appear one way and turn out to be another. Her lips are swollen from working over the molasses and minerals bucket. The mineral lick is fairly hard stuff and meant for licking not biting- but several of the gals have sore faces. We'll pretend she is smooching up here and Ellie is encouraging a big old kiss for everyone.

The Youtube is a guitar version of the charming song Besame Mucho . Google for Sungha Jung if you are interested in more about this talented young man. He is my new YouTube obsession - it is melodic here on Buhlaland and I'm liking it a lot!


Margaret said...

That kid Sungha Jung is an incredible talent. I could listen to that for a long time. Thank you for sharing.

Kathleen from Eggs In My Pocket said...

That little boy is talented! Just love your goats, hope their little faces and lips go down from the swelling! blessings, Kathleen

Anna Colleen said...

Goats crack me up. I was just telling someone how my goats could manage to spit out all the nutritious pellets and just eat the tasty grain so that when I took them out of the milk stand and looked in their feed bucket, yep, there would be a pile of pellets and no grain.

Nice music obsession.

Lanny said...

OOPs that was not Anna Colleen that was me. The me that never looks up in the corner to make sure it is me or for that matter down below where it says choose and identity.

LindaSueBuhl said...

Ah I was impressed Anna Colleen was reading my blog! Thanks - yes goats are clever little beasties - we had to change our gate locks because they learned how to pop open the other kind we had!
Hey Kathlen - the goats are suffering self inflicted wounding by their own gluttony - I can empathize! Thanks for coming by Margaret -

KathyB. said...

Sungha Jung, obviously not of Latin origin, but my oh my....he can play! I am going to google him after I comment. And the goats....aren't they so like us ? Suffering for their own gluttony, and I still feel sorry for them..and laugh at them, at their expense of course! said...

What an amazing talent! I loved it!

Pictures of your nubies are always nice, too. I love the puckering up shot!!

Blessings to you and (again) apologies for not visiting more often.


Liz said...

Oh my goodness. That child is fantastic! What have I been doing with myself for the last 28 years? No musical talent right here.

Kim@ForeverWherever said...

I've always loved goats and my kids want one! Our old yard was big, but now we live in town.

The boy is awesome. I have one son that plays guitar. I'll have to show him this...thanks!