Authentic Compassion

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cycle Starts Again

Yesterday was the moment - I didn't get to watch the butterfly emerge but early in the morning took a few pictures. Returned in about 2 hours and all that was left was husk of chrysalis - now there is another wonderful pollinating butterfly out there in Buhlaland - isn't that what we should call a miracle if were to name it?

It is good on Buhlaland to see how creatively the Creator populates our world with useful beauty.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What's snew?

Not much and everything - what's snew with you?
Our lives have revolved around trying different medications, doctors and treatments to get my DH back to a fuller life. Hasn't happened yet but with the Lord's blessing - we are working on it! Life is a work in progress for anyone isn't it?

Current series was my fascination with our dill plant - grew beautifully and was so full and fragrant. We've used a little to season a sauce or two
- but mostly enjoying it's lacy beauty.

Yikes - an invasion - dill plant was suddenly covered (total of 13 caterpillars at one time) with small army devouring dill devotedly.

Hard to believe these small critters can eat so steadily - but in a short time we were seeing them peel off the stem coverings to eat those also.

Each day I was seeing fewer and fewer caterpillars -a friend identified them as fourth instar (stage) of swallowtail butterflies.

As far as I can tell - only one made it to the chrysalis stage just under rim of planter pot. Hopeful it will be able to fully develop without some nosy bird finding a meal from it. Always something to see on Buhlaland - that's good

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day in the Life of Susannah

Oh Susannah - what a day you had. Starting off waking up with sister Sugar Pie (honey bunch - yep that song) in pen looking oh so sweet.

Not two minutes later - looks like you were thinking seriously of chomping down on Luci Watusi's ear - git it outta my way says Susannah.

Not sure I can get bloggerized enough to make these show up in order . Caught a series of photos throughout morning showing how deceptive appearances can be.

Susannah climbs atop the tree perch -looking for fun? OR someone to conquer?

Bubbles shows up - thinking"I'm older than little show off Susannah - I'll just make my move"

Location location location isn't just relevant in real estate - makes a big difference in queen (or at least bossy girl) of the tree stump .

Susannah starts in her defense mode and



Yep - butted off the stump by an uppity little doeling!

Last shot shows Susannah's obvious "Come On - You wanna piece of this tough Texas gal?"

OK maybe just maybe I exaggerated a tiny bit - but it still made me laugh on Buhlaland and that is always good!