Authentic Compassion

Friday, September 28, 2007

Fun Blogger's Quiz

One of my few and faithful internet readers posted a fun question series on her blog( which by the way is a great place to hear about real life not all these bugs and goats and sunrises I rave on and on about! Kid's Kitchen got a set of thought provoking questions from her blog pal FriedOkra and then had a contest to see which reader would post fast enough to be her next three interviewees. Being a basically competitive person - I hurriedly begged for the chance. Then I received her questions and had to THINK a bit about answers - so here ya go! By the way - thanks Pam - I am tickled to be tagged in this!

1.And I would walk ten thousand miles…To continue the song theme, for what (or whom) would you walk ten thousand miles?
To lose the weight I still need to lose! (I know it should have been something deeper and spiritual-I can plead that this is for my health which is partly true but if I knew the hour and minute Jesus was coming back - I'd buy OUT the Godiva chocolate stores and get busy. I'm getting tired of working hard to lose weight - just put me on the road, shove me out there and make me get it over with!)

2. Tell me about your middle name. What is it? Do you like it? Why did your parents choose it? Sue - yes love it - parents chose Sue because in southern speak - Lindasueporter (maiden name) rolled easily and it wasn't PeggySue which was what my big brother wanted me named.

3. Cilantro: love it or leave it?
Love it in big bunches - DH hates it equally - so when I make something that cannot be without cilantro - I make some separate cilantroless for DH.

4. I never learned to play the piano, but I wish I did. What do you wish you could do?
Dance - Oh goodness I'd love to get out there and really shake my tail feathers - but alas and alack - I have the well earned title of MisCoordination.

5.People put different toppings on their hot dogs, depending on what part of the country they are from. What do you put on your hot dog…assuming you eat them!
Love hot dogs(totally don't give a flip about what is in them so nobody go all food police on me - I do prefer Hebrew National all beef if I'm picking), mustard, kraut, and onions - yeah baby!

6.What do you consider to be your magnum opus, or greatest accomplishment?
Only goal I pursued a long time and accomplished was graduating from college. It isn't a big deal to most younger people - but it took me a LONG time of being in and out to git 'er done. The thing I'm most amazed about is being married to a Christian man (I was widowed at age 48 and that story is too long to tell ) at this age and still finding new depths to the Lord's love. (whew finally found a question where I could sound more appropriately the old Church Lady - not the usually rebellious, stayed alive this long by accident, many miles on my life odometer person I hide so well !LOL! Shalom!!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Goaty Day in September

So Sorry - took these several days ago and meant to post - these are the wonderful days of plenty of pasture to eat - but doggone it - the bites JUST through the fence are the tastiest!

Norman is reaching through the fence - one of the advantages of being hornless!

Montana is the perky lil gal with the black ears - her mother is Hannah. Hannah is MUCH improved - we almost lost her in August due to heavy parasite loads but intensive treatment saved her (we lost her twin Banana earlier this summer to the same problem - I learned a lot)
This is a sunny day with lots to eat and if you look really hard at the picture with Montana in the foreground and a caramel and white goat (Castana) behind her - through the trees you see a roofline - that is our OFFICE - I told you our commute is wonderful!
Life is good in Buhlaland - I have injured my leg but trust that ibuprofren and sleep will work wonders! I've got a 5 K to walk next week!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

More goats and trees

Quick posting - here are more pics of the goats - must have been taken prior to Sept. 19 since the views are of the east pasture and we rotated the herd out of there on the 19th. These pictures are what makes a goat keeper's heart swell - the herd peacefully eating ,plenty of food and no diseases rampaging.

The little brown girl is our Ellie Skees - special little doe born this past winter - the white goat with a brown head is Boudreaux - actually Ellie's nephew. Nubiana - Ellie's mom and Boudie's grandmother is the light tan and white hornless goat - she watches us so intently sometimes as if she is figuring something out.

Ahh - Blackie - she is still skittish having been bottom of the dominance scale in the herd since day one. She has had two buck babies - so she still doesn't have a little doe baby to raise and be pals with. Her attitude has gotten a tad nastier toward smaller goats - oh how the worm turns when it gains some weight! Oh well - Blackie deserves some slack - she is a pretty black and such a shiny coat.
Just wanted to show you our girls - they are so interesting to us and each has her own way of interacting with us. That's how it goes on Buhlaland - and it's all good.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Macro views

I tend to just click away when I see something I might want to post - but this morning had smaller visitors so I tried to use the macro setting on our aging digital camera. First was the praying mantis who seems to be planning to start a family on our front porch. It is still out there this afternoon - hanging around on the milk can and generally scoping out the location. Must be a market savvy consumer - the slogan in real estate still is "location, location, location".I tried to take a picture of him (or her - I confess to total ignorance in determining gender in bugs) while holding it on my hand but he/she jumped onto a wallboard. Then our supposedly prayer inclined critter showed more of an imitation of Barry Manilow (not a prayer position, more like playing a keyboard).

By the door to our garage I found one of the treefrogs who make a big racket during the night hours. He (again I haven't a clue re: gender in frogs either - actually I must admit to some confusion determining gender in some HUMANS but that is likely to be an age/southern thing) proceeded to leap down onto my rapidly dying back hostas and I caught one more shot of M/Ms Frog before it disappeared into the vegetation. Cool huh?

Friday, September 14, 2007

Never know who'll drop by!

Our neighbors usually have a few cattle in their pasture - but this week it is horses. These equines were actually standing at the fence to OUR east pasture and seemed to be trying to get the goats to pay attention. I had to tell them that the goats only pay attention to the feed bucket! I know it is rude, and I apologized profusely but my goats refuse to learn the social graces. After a few whinnies in reply - horses wandered off to literally greener pastures. Nothing deep about any of this - but as this is my blog - I get to pick what goes in here! Have a wonderful day (if it isn't already - make it wonderful!) and all is well in Buhlaland even if it is sometimes a little rude.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Photos optional

Today I'm going to do a different post for this site - no pictures. Was taking pics like crazy - then looked at the menu thingie and it said "memory card full". Things have changed with our camera set up - it isn't at my desk now so a little more complicated to get downloaded. Am hankering for a new camera - but thus far, that hanker isn't getting fulfilled. Particularly wanting a camera that will do both video as well as still digital - but as I said - right now that isn't happening. Today we are cleaning up the barn/workshop - it is difficult to find tools in there so DH and I are sweeping, shop vacuuming and he is now using a blower to clean out some of it (I left for a bit - sinus protection from all that air borne crud). It'll be nice to be able to walk in there and actually find the thingie ma bobbers with the yellow handles when I'm functioning as gofer in our various projects. Also cleaned up the bathroom in there (we lived in an apartment in that building while the house was being constructed - so it has a full bath and an 8 x 10 ft. room we use for the barn cat's apartment and to store paint supplies so they don't freeze in the winter. Bathroom may be a generous description - it is functioning but quite basic. Sprayed a copious amount of insecticide around the baseboards - lotsa spiders in there and more will come as the weather gets cooler.
After that interesting update - I suppose almost everyone is saying something about today being 9/11. I probably won't do that - other than to observe that as Billy Graham wrote"I read the last page of the book and know it turns out right at the end".
SO - am continuing to pray for Ellie, Toby, Kyle and our boys in Bangladesh. Also lifting up a young family who serve in ministry and had a very serious car accident. They continue to have surgeries and improve slowly - if you wish to pray for them also - they are the Pollard family and you can get updates at .
Life is often difficult - we weren't promised a smooth passage just a perfect landing! All is well in Buhlaland - bless you.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Miss me?

To the person who might actually read this blog - HI! Sorry I've been away so long. Things happen - after Mikey's death we also had some illness in the herd. But for now - goats are OK. We've had summer weather and now it already feels like Texas fall - hot during the days but cooling off at night.
A couple of weeks ago - we had a tortoise pass through the property. I actually saw it going across the busy Farm to Market road in front of our place. Amazed at the time that it didn't get hit by a car or truck. Then about an hour later - I saw the tall grasses in the front pasture moving. Lo and behold - out comes this tortoise onto the path toward the goat pens. How do I know it was the same tortoise ?- well of course no guarantees but we don't have a lot of tortoise action around here so it is a fairly safe assumption. The first picture is Rocky checking out the tortoise - who had withdrawn into the safety of his shell. Next is the tortoise preparing to really boogey out of there. I'd picked it up and moved it through the pens so it is downhill from the goat pens (reason for the large number of goat pellets on the ground - rainfall makes everything move downhill!). It may well be a female tortoise - most males have some kind of red on their face or eyes. What a fun encounter for me - always something showing up around here to liven it up.

Real rarity is that there were no evident fractures in the shell - usually they have been
damaged at least once. I think I'm this tortoise this summer - slow and plodding. Doing things the hard way an extraordinary amount of the time. Still praying for Toby and Ellie and our friends, Kyle and Darla. Cancer is a wicked opponent. When I think I'm overwhelmed with cares - I do have to step back and realize how blessed and carefree I truly am. To live at this time in this place - free to worship my Savior and Lord, more than enough to eat and the chance occasionally to make a slight difference in someone's life. Considering some options for our lives in the next year - so pray for me to be clear headed and listen to wisdom. All is well in Buhlaland. Bless y'all