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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

More goats and trees

Quick posting - here are more pics of the goats - must have been taken prior to Sept. 19 since the views are of the east pasture and we rotated the herd out of there on the 19th. These pictures are what makes a goat keeper's heart swell - the herd peacefully eating ,plenty of food and no diseases rampaging.

The little brown girl is our Ellie Skees - special little doe born this past winter - the white goat with a brown head is Boudreaux - actually Ellie's nephew. Nubiana - Ellie's mom and Boudie's grandmother is the light tan and white hornless goat - she watches us so intently sometimes as if she is figuring something out.

Ahh - Blackie - she is still skittish having been bottom of the dominance scale in the herd since day one. She has had two buck babies - so she still doesn't have a little doe baby to raise and be pals with. Her attitude has gotten a tad nastier toward smaller goats - oh how the worm turns when it gains some weight! Oh well - Blackie deserves some slack - she is a pretty black and such a shiny coat.
Just wanted to show you our girls - they are so interesting to us and each has her own way of interacting with us. That's how it goes on Buhlaland - and it's all good.

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