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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Miss me?

To the person who might actually read this blog - HI! Sorry I've been away so long. Things happen - after Mikey's death we also had some illness in the herd. But for now - goats are OK. We've had summer weather and now it already feels like Texas fall - hot during the days but cooling off at night.
A couple of weeks ago - we had a tortoise pass through the property. I actually saw it going across the busy Farm to Market road in front of our place. Amazed at the time that it didn't get hit by a car or truck. Then about an hour later - I saw the tall grasses in the front pasture moving. Lo and behold - out comes this tortoise onto the path toward the goat pens. How do I know it was the same tortoise ?- well of course no guarantees but we don't have a lot of tortoise action around here so it is a fairly safe assumption. The first picture is Rocky checking out the tortoise - who had withdrawn into the safety of his shell. Next is the tortoise preparing to really boogey out of there. I'd picked it up and moved it through the pens so it is downhill from the goat pens (reason for the large number of goat pellets on the ground - rainfall makes everything move downhill!). It may well be a female tortoise - most males have some kind of red on their face or eyes. What a fun encounter for me - always something showing up around here to liven it up.

Real rarity is that there were no evident fractures in the shell - usually they have been
damaged at least once. I think I'm this tortoise this summer - slow and plodding. Doing things the hard way an extraordinary amount of the time. Still praying for Toby and Ellie and our friends, Kyle and Darla. Cancer is a wicked opponent. When I think I'm overwhelmed with cares - I do have to step back and realize how blessed and carefree I truly am. To live at this time in this place - free to worship my Savior and Lord, more than enough to eat and the chance occasionally to make a slight difference in someone's life. Considering some options for our lives in the next year - so pray for me to be clear headed and listen to wisdom. All is well in Buhlaland. Bless y'all

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Pam said...

Well, I'm reading! Welcome back. You sure do have interesting adventures with the animals!