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Friday, September 14, 2007

Never know who'll drop by!

Our neighbors usually have a few cattle in their pasture - but this week it is horses. These equines were actually standing at the fence to OUR east pasture and seemed to be trying to get the goats to pay attention. I had to tell them that the goats only pay attention to the feed bucket! I know it is rude, and I apologized profusely but my goats refuse to learn the social graces. After a few whinnies in reply - horses wandered off to literally greener pastures. Nothing deep about any of this - but as this is my blog - I get to pick what goes in here! Have a wonderful day (if it isn't already - make it wonderful!) and all is well in Buhlaland even if it is sometimes a little rude.

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Pam said...

I guess you can't each an old goat new tricks, eh?

I am just so glad I stumbled onto your blog one day. You are such an encouragement to me with your comments, and I just love seeing your animals.