Authentic Compassion

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Buhlaland is Moving!

No - not as in the earth transporting itself elsewhere - DH and I have purchased a smaller home (downsizing is hardly the word - life altering might be accurate). During past couple of years we've realized his health issues won't allow him almost unbounded energy which was his normal. Keeping a large property which we no longer fully used wasn't good stewardship of God given resources (as well as being exhausting some days!)
We closed today on a smaller house north of where we are now - picture was Skip talking to the tree guy about taking out a couple of large trees which had the bad judgment to grow up against house or right where we need to build a workshop/shed! So the adventure begins - we'll document as much as possible the changes in new place (for now it will be called Windsor - since we'll still live on current Buhlaland until ready to put it up for sale). Woo hoo - biggest excitement right now for me - sandy soil! Deep sand - will grow sweet potatoes and white taters next spring - I know how to garden in sand! Our clay/loam combination on Buhlaland has been a continuing struggle for me. Already browsing on internet for sand plum bushes and rabbiteye blueberries - yum yum. All it takes is work and money - and the Lord allows us just enough energy for the work and money for what we need (wants might be a different budgetary process?). Today we got the keys, turned on the water supply and set off bug bombs at Windsor (black widow spiders had homesteaded the garage!). Small steps - but we have prayed this thing through and know "Do not despise…small beginnings, for the LORD rejoices to see the work begin.” Zechariah 4:10 NLT
The Work has begun - we are ready for this new chapter - see ya again soon!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Shorter day - even less blogging

Picture was taken around 6:45 am - so strange to be still dark but it really IS the beginning of autumn this week. What happened to our summer? Thank goodness it is about done with - here in Texas we are still in a drought to break most records. A little rain last week to remind us it CAN rain - refreshing and cooled the earth down enough to get temps out of the triple digits.
Again I'm apologizing for the lack of blog entries - in about 10 days I can reveal what's been absorbing so much time and energy - I think it is good and hope you will also find it interesting - for now - on Buhlaland it is cooler, gooder (? what word is gooder) and blessed beyond belief - we have survived the summer of 2011!