Authentic Compassion

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I'm new around here

Hello - I'm new to these parts - in fact I arrived at 2:37 p.m.central time Wednesday - my twin sister was still being born when my "wet looking" picture was taken. Sis was born and our mama Crybaby has been taking great care of us. All you can eat milk provider and nice fresh hay. We think we'll like it and there is a rumor more "kids" will be showing up to play with really soon.
It is good on Buhlaland - first sure sign of spring is the arrival of talking baby goats (well maybe not but I'm a little giddy with the fun of new residents on Buhlaland and prospect of more).

Hey enough pictures already - I want to get back to the milk place and my nice nuzzling mama!

Monday, January 25, 2010

He'd Hate This IF He Ever Read What I Write!

UPDATE: - DH did read this one - he googled his own name the other night and found this - wouldn't you know it? The one time I really break his desire to remain off-blog and he found it - not much was said but I don't think it really bugged him much!

I read bloggers who say their spouses and Significant Others read devotedly each syllable they print. My husband hates it when I write about him on "that blog thing of yours". He really doesn't want pictures of himself on "your blog". Sometimes he might sneak a peak but I don't know 'cause we are a modern marriage and each have our own computers!
Yesterday was his birthday - won't say how many he has had but it has been quite a few (and not nearly enough!). Here he was as a curly haired tyke in Michigan.

Restaurant picture was in Germany on our one big travel adventure several years ago. Picture was taken by our good friend - Yasser and his beautiful wife Mirella.

Our beautiful wedding ceremony on a New Year's Day - we were married in the bed and breakfast we owned in Colorado for a couple of years.

I love the picture of DH walking in our Texas winter landscape with two of our rat terrorist dogs. All our pets love him best - he is a good pet master and a loyal, funny and hard working best friend. Last picture he was literally saying - don't take a picture of me as I photographed him talking on his cell phone (probably to his brother, Roger).

Yes the porch needs repainting and it IS on the list - if you don't die until you complete all the work God has for you on earth - my sweet guy will live to be 150. Happy Birthday -

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Girl Talk

"And I've told you over and over -chew your cud thoroughly so you won't get an unpleasant gassy feeling. I don't care what the other does your age are doing - if they walked around on their hind legs would you do it because everyone else is?? A mother's work is never done. "
At least that is what I think Norman is telling her daughter YoYo - could also be
"the strange two legged one is in here with us - just don't look directly at it and maybe that clicking whirring thing it has will go away with it"
Probably the latter - all the goats were in their shelter literally basking in warmth from afternoon winter sunshine. Life is good when you are a goat on Buhalaland and often smiles for the people here also! All creatures great and small the Lord God made us all - and I'm SO glad He did.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Look

DH and I have birthday about a month apart - his in January and mine in February. Since frugal finances and frivolous gifts don't exactly go hand in hand - we discussed and researched a long while before deciding to buy US a gift. WE got a new camera - more complicated than I would normally want and not as complicated (he wanted a DSLR) as DH prefers. Good compromise and the new header is a shot taken this morning.

I'm calling the foggy view of our visiting deer "you cannot see me - I'm totally hiding behind this tree" - because I'm feeling reclusive yet obviously still here.
We are fairly certain the yearling in this picture was our little visitor from last summer. The doe she is with all the time is an injured doe we saw around when the fawn appeared. The doe was badly injured in her left foreleg - and the mother of this deer limps when she runs. Fun to think it is the same one and they feel safe enough to hang around our place most of the time.
I haven't been completely absent from the internet - just not posting much. Our lives keep running into "rough patches" - periods where from day to day it seems difficult - but then with hindsight we can see life is back to our new normal.
Planning to post a picture or two from this weekend's planned birthday lunch on Sunday. Menu will include two kinds of pasta and simple breads, salad and chocolate cake.
Today's visit to Buhlaland's mailbox found a colorfully wrapped pagkage--a new book! I won a copy of Family Feasts for $75 a Week by Mary Ostyn of Owlhaven . This weekend's menu will include her version of Pasta Carbonara . Interesting sidenote is Mary is sister to Sophie .
It is good here on Buhlaland - winter took a sabbatical and we've had 70 degree weather. Deer visit our yard, goats are looking more ready to birth and God is always providing us with new reasons to be grateful. See y'all soon!.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

I know Who holds my hand

Cold clear skies over Texas this morning. In our devotional readings this quote from an old hymn
Many things about tomorrow
I don’t seem to understand;
But I know who holds tomorrow,
And I know who holds my hand. —Stanphill

- we both like the hymn and I included the quote in my exercise blog entry. Then out in bitterly cold (for Texas) weather to tend to animals -plenty of water available in trough and for chickens. When I returned to the house - DH was on phone with our neighbor who is without electricity - no water because no pump - no heat to keep water from freezing up. We found out the whole area has an outage (at least everyone on the major utility company). Our property is serviced by a local utility - a little more expensive but proves to be a good choice. DH is having a hard week with his breathing and on oxygen much of the day. After the phone calls and checking on other neighbors we looked at one another. Continually gobsmacked with Jehovah Jireh - the one who provides. Through absolutely NO work of our hands we have a warm house, hot coffee and oxygen machine running smoothly. I know most of the world thinks this is "luck" or "just how things go" but for the residents of Buhlaland - it is GOOD we know Who holds tomorrow.
We truly pray if you - dear reader - do not have that security - please go to here or here .
It is incredibly, mindblowingly good on Buhlaland and we give all credit where it belongs.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

True Luv

~ The look of love is on your face ~

Norman knows how to melt my heart - her look of devotion and LUV always gets me. She is a sweet natured goat,an excellent mother in fact all around good companion. When I'm in real need of a sympathetic ear - she is my "go to" pal. Putting my arms around her sturdy body eases any heartache. I'm realistic enough to know her stunt of putting her head through the gate wires and ogling me may be love and it may be "that woman has access to our treats bucket".

Lots of blogs talking about the cold wave in USA (and Northern Europe) this week. The picture from my last post where Moe the Mighty is lying in sunshine on top of a round bale was taken this week last year. What a change in conditions!

We are safe and warm in our little farm house on Buhlaland. Our lives rock along, I still have a tremendous mess of Christmas decor to pack away (I need to remember this next year --simplify simplify!) Goats are quite safe in their south facing enclosure - large hay bale inside the shelter muscled into place by DH.
We have an electric float in the trough so water stays clear of ice. The goldfish would survive the ice but all life needs a source of water - birds and deer come by - often we see tracks of raccoons, armadillos and rabbits. The fish have a hollow half cement block so they can avoid unwanted attention (blue herons, pushy cats and raccoons with big appetites!).
We enjoy having time to care for our animals, each other, and friends or visitors who come to Buhlaland. A big part of our caring is prayer for people in our community as well as many thousands of miles away. In humble faith we are working through this world to send out actions which might result in pleasant chords in eternity -
"Every action of our lives touches on some chord that will vibrate in eternity."
E. H. Chapin
Life is a bit chilled outdoors but it is always good on Buhlaland.
Don't settle - prepare for a feast
"The Bible says that, “He who raised up the Lord Jesus will also raise us up with Jesus” (2 Corinthians 4:14). Our future is filled with optimism and hope because we know that someday we will be like Him. We cannot lose heart and settle for a bag-lunch life when a heavenly feast beyond all imagination awaits us!" David Jeremiah

Monday, January 4, 2010

Bubbles Messes with Moe

Birthing time due end of this month - we don't think the four little doelings are pregnant. The brown girl is called Bubbles - she is a daughter of Pearl - one of our original herd.

The large picture was taken as she began an adventure of getting close enough to sniff that black animal. Most of the kids grow up skittish about Moe, Mighty Barn Cat. He is quick moving and likes to drink from the goat trough (where we also have large goldfish who beckon to a cat ) .

Bubbles started off a little coy - nibbling on the tank - opposite side of trough and fence from Moe.

She moved on around and decided to get bold and actually sniff the black (fat!) cat. Moe tried to just ignore the pesky little goat. He was certain she didn't realize who she was messing with.

The pressure was too much for Moe the Mighty Hunter and he began a dignified exit - spoiled by that brown thing moving even closer!

Some days you are king of the pens and some days - you are a play toy for goats! We are amused by our animals and their antics - it is good on Buhlaland for people, goats and even disgruntled big old cats!