Authentic Compassion

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Birthdays come so often!

Few words from me - sweet doggies, lovely gifts, out to brunch, all dressed up and for a change someplace to go (and ENJOY!) Sixty four - not a bad age - but definitely not in "middle age" anymore - no way I'll make it to 128! I was blessed for my birthday (and all the days in the year) far beyond what I deserve and I am SOOO grateful! Mostly a garden themed b'day and with an almost blank slate here on Windsor - that is fabulous! It is good on Buhlaland and just a little older.
Bless y'all - it is spring here - loving it!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Spring is definitely coming

Snowfall on Monday - gave Senor Cerdo (our garden flying pig ) a cold coat. I did my usual stunt and fell down in back yard while taking dogs out - but damage seems to be minor - achey and stiff no breakey!

Our weather is classic North Texas - from snow to fog to bright sunshine in 36 hours!

Warming ground and moisture coming through seems to have given us quite a bit of fog lately - picture is from the back of our yard toward house and newly constructed storage building/carport.Posts are for temporary fence (which is temporarily not being worked on.)

New carport is great and DH will work on converting attached to house garage into heated/air conditioned woodworking shop for his projects.

Working on getting other place minor repairs and needs deep cleaning before sale can be

completed - hoping and praying to close in mid March and be done with that chapter.

Fun finding out what is already here in our new home - lots of daffs appearing - I moved the toad house (which is disguised as a bird house sitting on the ground) into front area.

Seasons of life -we see changes in snow or daffodils or downsizing - all part of the Plan. Bless y'all for coming by - our much more compact and spring 'a'popping Buhlaland - it is good here too.
We are doing OK on new health plan - DH not going for a lung transplant so working hard to stay active and be humbly grateful not grumbly hateful! every day God gives us together. You will see a big change in next couple of weeks - goat heading going away - have accepted reality we will NOT be having goats now so I'm working at finding good homes for final beloved 5 very spoiled goats!