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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Birthdays come so often!

Few words from me - sweet doggies, lovely gifts, out to brunch, all dressed up and for a change someplace to go (and ENJOY!) Sixty four - not a bad age - but definitely not in "middle age" anymore - no way I'll make it to 128! I was blessed for my birthday (and all the days in the year) far beyond what I deserve and I am SOOO grateful! Mostly a garden themed b'day and with an almost blank slate here on Windsor - that is fabulous! It is good on Buhlaland and just a little older.
Bless y'all - it is spring here - loving it!


KathyB. said...

LindaSue, you look lovely! I like your birthday gifts, all showing you are going to have a great time creating gardens for your new home. There are so many exciting possibilities with a blank slate.

The roses are scrumptious, such a beautiful color, are they as fragrant as they are beautiful?

Looks like a good birthday to me.Happy Birthday !

Deanna said...

HaPpY BIRTHDAY to you!
What a great age to be and you look wonderful!

Wishing that it were Spring. We've had a mild winter like none other. These warmer days seem like Spring. I love it when flowers bloom and leaves grow on the trees.

I'm so glad you dropped by my place and visited. Good to hear from you.

God bless you and may this year be fantastic.

Anonymous said...

LindaSue, You are beautiful and what a nice celebration! Loved seeing your pictures. Happy Birthday wishes from me!

Mary Humphrey said...

Hi Linda Sue, Happy Birthday! You look wonderful!

I love your birthday gifts. You will be enjoying them for a very long time, especially now that spring is breaking through.

God Bless,


Paula said...

Happy Birthday to you!!

Vickie said...

Yea! Mexican food on your birthday! Happy Birthday my friend. I should have waited a few more days to send your little gift and I could have doubled it as a birthday gift!

You look great at 64! Glad you got out to celebrate and looks like you got a GOB of great loot there!

Lanny said...

I love the leggings! Blank slate here Linda comes! Yay. Happy birthday!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

so glad you had a great birthday; you look wonderful, Linda!

Eggs In My Pocket said...

A big happy birthday to you! You look lovely!

A. Joy said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like a lovely one and such beautiful gifts! The food looked great too. =) Fun to get dressed up and go out for a birthday.

Eggs In My Pocket said...

Just dropped by to say hello and hope all is well.

LindaSue said...

Thanks all - hoping to be back to blogging soon - sad farewell today to all 7 remaining goats - traumatic for the two separated to a different farm - they'd never been away from their mamas despite being 2 years old already. Everyone will adjust and survive - see you soon