Authentic Compassion

Monday, February 28, 2011

Mysterious Anonymous and Generous

Actually I know exactly which wonderful generous friend sent pictured bouquet for my birthday. I didn't have a picture appropriate for this blog post and thought I'd share my purdy posies and purple pot with you!
If you are reading this and are the M.A.G. person mentioned in blog post title - THANK YOU so much. What an encouragement (and a little embarrassment 'cause I can't thank you personally) it is for DH and me to receive b'day greetings with a generous cash gift. I mean really - we both got envelopes with our address typed on and no return address. Only hint was on my envelope it had a Midland Texas postmark. I don't THINK it is my beloved brother and his family sending the gifts but if it is - wow - y'all are too generous.
The humility of receiving a gift from someone who chooses not to let us know their identity is inspiring. Thank you isn't quite enough - the current crop of life challenges made these gifts and cards more than welcome.
It is a magical (not in a black arts way - don't git yer evangelical drawers in a uproar y'all) and mysterious (not in an ominous or disturbing way) and generous (in the very nicest way) and very good for the soul here on Buhlaland - hope you have a pleasant surprise soon and see how cool it is! (Yes I'm old - I say things are "cool" just cannot get into saying something is "sick" to mean it is wonderful!)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Not Big on Cutesy

Happy Lincoln's Birthday! Today's blog post has nothing to do with our late great 16th president of these United States.
I am not a fan or forwarder of chain emails. With that caveat I'll admit, sometimes I receive emails which just tickle my funny bone.
Truth here is --I'll go to the bridge with you, dear friends of the blogosphere, not jumping off to keep you company!
Has not been my favorite winter - we've had high points and of course daily blessings - below zero wind chills are NOT Texas winter normal weather. Having made my gripe - we're seeing promise of spring with warmer days and nights in the forecast. More than ready here on Buhlaland - it is good to have seasons but if I were setting the schedule - winter would be about a month and a half. Forty five days would be sufficient chilling for fruit trees and spring bulbs to produce, kill off pesky bug infestations and whatever other good reasons for being miserably cold.
Scripture states to every thing there is a season - it doesn't say how long - I say we take a vote? Silly Saturday here on Buhlaland and that is good. Y'all take care now!