Authentic Compassion

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Little things mean a lot and sometimes irritate!

Jasper is giving his mama Pearl a few little goat nibbles. Pearl is either enjoying or thinking "isn't it time I start weaning this little parasite?"
Well I'm enjoying having internet again! We were without internet for about 4 days and realized - I miss y'all!
Will have more to say soon - but for tonight - go nibble someone you love and remind them you mean a lot and sometimes irritate too! It is good on Buhlaland -very good.

Monday, September 20, 2010

not Nothing but rarely anything

Confusing title - gives you a hint of my state of mind. We are doing things every day - both of us - just nothing seems particularly blog worthy or something I really want to "share". Less than stellar results at last pulmonology check up with DH - so more testing to determine which other organs seem to be malfunctioning.

Breathing has been much harder for him so we haven't finished the renovation project which should never have been started! Started major bathroom and bedroom renovation almost 2 years ago now - before we knew how serious his condition would become. In the latter stages of renovating - with change in medication we might be able to complete very soon.
We've been sleeping in the living room this summer - nice except for moonlight and lightning storms - we don't have window coverings on our big windows! It is all laughable (right after the ibuprofren takes effect and a good nap) - but as I say - not anything spectacular or inspiring. We are living our life here on Buhlaland - remembering to express gratitude for this beautiful place - however long we are able to stay here it has been the best home I've ever had.

As I said - it isn't nothing we're doing here - it just isn't anything y'all really want to hear about. No recipes (not cooking much at all), no new babies, no garden, no parties, no kidding! With all that nothing - it is amazing we have everything isn't it? talk to you another day when I'm perkier - please go back and read my blog post about childhood cancer if you haven't - it is worthy of reading unlike this ramble.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Childhood Cancer Easy way to Help

I heard about an extremely worthy cause from my dear friends the Skees on Sarah's family blog - I've taken some of what Sarah had posted to explain. "Arms Wide Open Childhood Cancer Foundation is working closely with scientists, researchers and doctors who are pioneers in the pediatric cancer field, who are on the forefront of bringing many alternative therapies into clinic which could prolong the lives of children diagnosed with Neuroblastoma until a cure is funded. Right now only 30% of children diagnosed with Neuroblastoma will survive, but because it is an "orphan" cancer, research funding is limited as pharmaceutical companies do not see the efforts as profitable. Recognizing that children should not be viewed as a profit, but, rather, our investment, Arms Wide Open raises money for alternative therapies and actual treatments these children so desparately need in order to survive."

Please go to the Website vote often - Neuroblastoma was the disease which took the life of my dear little friend Ellie
Received the larger format and posted it - beautiful girl with such grace and sensitivity and silliness all wrapped up in one.
Am working on getting a larger picture of Ellie - but wanted to get this post up before I wasted time. Time is a luxury children with cancers do not have!
Closing with one of Ellie's favorite songs

It is good on Buhlaland - a few tears over looking back at Ellie's journey and sincere hopes no more children will be taken over the rainbow so soon.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Be the Best

If a man is called to be a street sweeper, he should sweep streets as Michelangelo painted, or Beethoven composed music, or Shakespeare wrote poetry. He should sweep streets so well that all the hosts of heaven and earth will pause to say, here lives a great street sweeper who did his job well.
Dr. Martin Luther King. December 1956

I read this quotation in a book by Randy Alcorn Safely Home about the persecuted church in China. Love the spirit of King's words - the reality that in doing whatever work is ours to perform be done in a wholehearted and joyful manner brings honor to our labors.

BTW I highly recommend Randy's book and I have a renewed pride in my parttime job doing laundry for our acupuncturist - every job is necessary.

Have a beautiful SonDay - meet a friend or make a new one - we love our friends on Buhlaland and thank God for useful work and the beauty of His created world.

Brief lifespans

Much has been said and written about the events of 9/11/2001. We see how the world has changed - and not to my eyes for the better - in the 9 years since terrorists attacked our country.
Appears we have very short memories - as a culture we do not learn from history. I cannot find a "middle way" for tolerating those who wish to destroy. We can pray for them to receive salvation, pray for protection from them and pray for leadership who seeks true wisdom not popularity or sound bites.
We all know life is short - for some - cut short by the evil actions of others. Many die young for reasons we cannot see this side of heaven.
Don't waste time being petty, nurturing grudges or imagining slights - forgiveness, grace and love are recurring themes in Christianity - whether they are practiced in an individual's life is their choice.
I had a dragonfly on my hand yesterday - wings sparkling in the sunshine and incredible colors all over. I was able to hold it because the creature was dying
from an injury - no healing could take place - how do you heal an insect? I was able to admire it's beauty, remove it from a tormentor and allow it to die in relative peace. I suppose it's life was short - adult dragonflies only live about a month - but it fulfilled a purpose for which dragonflies exist.
Check your purpose - live a life worthy of your calling.
It is good on Buhlaland - introspective but very good. Bless y'all

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Night Moves or just hanging around

Beware - I've posted this extreme closeup of the lovely moonflower blossom to give me a chance to say - the rest of this post is about toads, frogs, and bugs - if they creep you out - click off this screen quickly.
Apparently our laundry room door and exterior walls are "the" place to be for frogs around here.

Aha - cricket knows frog is too small to endanger the cricket. Grasshopper is generally too obnoxious for frogs to enjoy.

Nothing else really to say - I was out the other night with camera and flash feature having a blast seeing all these critters outside our house! Doesn't take much to amuse us on Buhlaland and that is a good thing!

Copy Goats

Crybaby - tallest goat so she is able to graze on some particularly tasty oak tree leaves by raising herself a few inches balancing on some poles in the pen. Nobody else paying any attention

Oops - Bubbles sees Crybaby eating something and attempts to reach it - but too short and not standing on the poles.

Hey what are Crybaby and Bubbles doing over there?

Let's try to get some of those leaves - yep - let's ALL try to get some leaves.

Crybaby continues to eat - nobody else gets leaves but they all tried!

Photo essay on why I always carry a camera when I go out to mess with my goats - they make us laugh here on Buhlaland - and that is always good!