Authentic Compassion

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Little things mean a lot and sometimes irritate!

Jasper is giving his mama Pearl a few little goat nibbles. Pearl is either enjoying or thinking "isn't it time I start weaning this little parasite?"
Well I'm enjoying having internet again! We were without internet for about 4 days and realized - I miss y'all!
Will have more to say soon - but for tonight - go nibble someone you love and remind them you mean a lot and sometimes irritate too! It is good on Buhlaland -very good.


KathyB. said...

I think this is a very cute and important post..."go nibble someone you love.." O.K. I will!

LindaSue, Buhl-a-land is a happy place because He IS ~ and I am thankful for that, and for you.

Lanny said...

Hey, just stoppin' in to say howdy. I've been nibblin' so much lately I think I'm about to be locked up!

Paula said...

That is such a cute picture, Linda Sue... even if Pearl does look a little irritated!
I just got finished lovin' up a couple of my Silkies (the ones that will let me hug them...) so now I'll wait until Hubby gets home and nibble on him a while! *giggle blush*

Vickie said...

Hi Linda - "go nibble someone you love"! Very sweet, and so are your goats! Hope things are going well - hope they can get Skip's medicines all worked out for him to continue to do well! God bless you both, Linda & Skip!