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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Night Moves or just hanging around

Beware - I've posted this extreme closeup of the lovely moonflower blossom to give me a chance to say - the rest of this post is about toads, frogs, and bugs - if they creep you out - click off this screen quickly.
Apparently our laundry room door and exterior walls are "the" place to be for frogs around here.

Aha - cricket knows frog is too small to endanger the cricket. Grasshopper is generally too obnoxious for frogs to enjoy.

Nothing else really to say - I was out the other night with camera and flash feature having a blast seeing all these critters outside our house! Doesn't take much to amuse us on Buhlaland and that is a good thing!


Debbie said...

Good pics, Linda. I hear little frogs, but never can see them. Saw some big katydids last night for first time.

Anonymous said...

Bugs and toads do not bother me. I think they are sort of neat, a part of nature. If they were crawling on the ground, without legs, now there's a part of nature I wouldn't be looking at easily.

Glad I visited Buhl-la-land today. :)

I have been busy. I really dislike missing my friend's wonderful blog posts.

KathyB. said...

You have a lot of little green guys around! I think it is fun to see the little ones and am amazed at the places I find them. I have had to pick them out of my re-cycling bin every day. They rest in all the wrong places ( for them) and I rescue them constantly from their bad decisions regarding perching places. Aren't they cute?Some of the best pest patrol around.

Obviously you and Skip have a place where things thrive as they were intended. A healthy population of frogs indicates you are all doing well in managing the homestead God has blessed you with.

Farm Chick Paula said...

That's funny you mentioned that, Linda Sue- hubby and I were just talking the other night about how many frogs we've seen this year! We have tons of them!
You have quite a collection of colorful critters there- loved the pictures!