Authentic Compassion

Monday, August 29, 2011

End of August - time to update!

OK quickly write words or I'll run out of month!
The goat herd has shrunk to 7 animals - one wether 3 does and 3 doelings. We had 22 and that was too many animals to feed and care for. With absolutely nothing in pastures we had to buy hay -- was $100/round bale and very poor quality. All animals went to same wonderful couple who just love 'em (God bless you Craig and Leah!).

Garden all done with cleared out and containers stacked in hopes next year won't be another record breaking plant and tree killing drought year.

DH did a walking test (really - that was what they called it and yet I'm sure they billed Medicare like a hunka money!) where he wore a monitor and walked for a timed span - a technician recorded his oxygen demand.

Doctor appointments - OH SO MANY DOCTORS! Tired of doctors and places where they are - hope none of you ever ever have to be in Dallas in room HQ6.600 - no happy reasons to be in there.

A pretty sight in parking area of a Fort Worth heart center was a blooming desert willow - almost made up for the unpleasant testing and long morning spent at this particular medical facility (where once again proved to me- do NOT leave your loved one in a room with
only medical people - they don't pay attention!) One technician decided DH didn't know what he was talking about when he kept telling her to turn his oxygen back on after she had messed up the settings. Oh well - just resulted in the test being wrong because it showed a false problem - ahhh health care. DH got to explain all this when doctor's nurse (since this doctor doesn't phone patients himself) called to tell DH to come in next day due to oxygen deficit in his testing - No Kidding??

Almosy to the end here - one sneaky picture of my guy - out looking at property.
Finally - we've had the hottest, driest summer in many decades - that was August 2011 - we worked, we worshiped (at home still - no immune system likely to appear again for DH), we gratefully acknowledge not ALL doctors are difficult - the pulmonologist DH sees in Fort Worth is a real physician - he cares for the person not the disease - what a blessing he is.
Could stick in something about changes and seasons of life and all that stuff - but we all know it already. DH read an article on internet saying blogging is dead - being replaced by twitter - might be true - I certainly don't blog on a regular basis anymore but then I don't twitter at all!
So that's the story ~of that's the glory of love - it is good on Buhlaland and for that we are deeply grateful! Below is the song my daddy loved and served as the source for my blog title - old fashioned but eternal truths aren't fads are they?

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Front yard DMZ

De Moisturized Zone - cannot waste water on keeping too much area greened - simply keeping a little lawn alive so when the rains come (and they will) grass will have some life left.

Rain will come - always does - right now it seems more our country needs this kind of rain even more than the moisture kind

- but we serve a God great enough for both - THE reason it is always good on Buhlaland! Bless y'all

Rainstorm in Texas - this clip lasts a full hour - listen to as much as you need to recall the refreshing feelings of rain. Good reasons scripture describes the blessings of God coming as rain - sustaining and refreshing.