Authentic Compassion

Sunday, July 1, 2012

 I've looked several times for this full length version of a poem/heart felt cry written by Mary Jean Irion who (at last result via google) lives near Lancaster Pennsylvania.  I'd read parts of it in a Joni Eareckson Tada book and wanted to share it with you.
I thank Ms. Irion for clearly wording at least a few of the wishes of those of us who go through major life change.

Personally - I'm  doing well enough - returned to church this morning for first time in several years.  Beloved friends (as we say in the south )carried me there and home.  I'm eating,trying to learn to sleep through the night (fireworks aren't helping with that task!)  doing masses of paperwork, learning to live without my primary role.
DH's service at Dallas National Cemetery was just right - I think he would have approved and it was just what I needed and not a single person or event I didn't want (well except the obvious - NOT to have to say a final farewell).  Thank you for expressing your support, prayers and comfort - and especially for those who have laughed with me.
Will see about coming back to blogging - still not there yet - but it is possible - in God all things are possible.
It is summer on Buhlaland - hot, dry and speeding past.

What a difference he made in my life - can't regret the hard things when I have had and continue to have so much - dang I miss him.  Y'all be good to yourselves and easy on one another - it is all much shorter than you think!  I promise if I come back to blogging - will be about critters and flowers and projects - until then -
Vaya Con Dios.