Authentic Compassion

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Girl Talk

"And I've told you over and over -chew your cud thoroughly so you won't get an unpleasant gassy feeling. I don't care what the other does your age are doing - if they walked around on their hind legs would you do it because everyone else is?? A mother's work is never done. "
At least that is what I think Norman is telling her daughter YoYo - could also be
"the strange two legged one is in here with us - just don't look directly at it and maybe that clicking whirring thing it has will go away with it"
Probably the latter - all the goats were in their shelter literally basking in warmth from afternoon winter sunshine. Life is good when you are a goat on Buhalaland and often smiles for the people here also! All creatures great and small the Lord God made us all - and I'm SO glad He did.


Debbie said...

Ok, Linda; I get it. You had a camera! That's what the clicking whirring noise was. Why did it take me so long to figure that out? The goats are smarter than I am!

KathyB. said...

I can well imagine the goats discussing you and your camera as well as a whole lot of questions like " wonder what she has in her pockets", and " why doesn't she feed us more?" and also discussing which of you two humans are the biggest softies.

Mary Humphrey said...

I laughed out loud!

What a happy picture!

I sometimes wonder if they do talk to each other, in their own way. Their eyes, their body movements, of course they do. :) God's creatures, and I am thankful!

LindaSueBuhl said...

Sorry Debbie - obviously a case of me being far too cutesy in my writing - it happens to me -- the cutesies come and take over my brain and keyboard and I hit enter too soon!
Kathy - US? softies - why whatever makes you think so? teehehe
Mary - yesterday afternoon was one of those times with the critters that was super pleasant - so warm and all kinds of soft noises - some of them make little grunting sounds in their sleep - very little attention paid to me or my camera - all were busy enjoying the comfort of a full belly and a warm day

Eggs In My Pocket / Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Buhl-a-land sounds like such a wonderful place to be! Loved your fun words. blessings,Kathleen

Vickie said...

Good morning Linda Sue. I sure do like your new banner photo. Nice shot.

Do you have any shots of your chicken coop/pen? I'm trying to decide how to build mine, etc. & you sounded like yours was very secure.

I did figure out what the clicking whirring noise was! My chicken was alway a little nervous when I had my camera. Cute little chitchat amongst your goats!

Lanny said...

I would love to be a goat on Buhl-a-land! But I would avoid the clicky whirly thing too.

Farm Chick Paula said...

I'm glad the Lord made us all, too, Linda Sue... and that he allowed people like us to form friendships with each other through this crazy internet thingie!