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Thursday, January 7, 2010

True Luv

~ The look of love is on your face ~

Norman knows how to melt my heart - her look of devotion and LUV always gets me. She is a sweet natured goat,an excellent mother in fact all around good companion. When I'm in real need of a sympathetic ear - she is my "go to" pal. Putting my arms around her sturdy body eases any heartache. I'm realistic enough to know her stunt of putting her head through the gate wires and ogling me may be love and it may be "that woman has access to our treats bucket".

Lots of blogs talking about the cold wave in USA (and Northern Europe) this week. The picture from my last post where Moe the Mighty is lying in sunshine on top of a round bale was taken this week last year. What a change in conditions!

We are safe and warm in our little farm house on Buhlaland. Our lives rock along, I still have a tremendous mess of Christmas decor to pack away (I need to remember this next year --simplify simplify!) Goats are quite safe in their south facing enclosure - large hay bale inside the shelter muscled into place by DH.
We have an electric float in the trough so water stays clear of ice. The goldfish would survive the ice but all life needs a source of water - birds and deer come by - often we see tracks of raccoons, armadillos and rabbits. The fish have a hollow half cement block so they can avoid unwanted attention (blue herons, pushy cats and raccoons with big appetites!).
We enjoy having time to care for our animals, each other, and friends or visitors who come to Buhlaland. A big part of our caring is prayer for people in our community as well as many thousands of miles away. In humble faith we are working through this world to send out actions which might result in pleasant chords in eternity -
"Every action of our lives touches on some chord that will vibrate in eternity."
E. H. Chapin
Life is a bit chilled outdoors but it is always good on Buhlaland.
Don't settle - prepare for a feast
"The Bible says that, “He who raised up the Lord Jesus will also raise us up with Jesus” (2 Corinthians 4:14). Our future is filled with optimism and hope because we know that someday we will be like Him. We cannot lose heart and settle for a bag-lunch life when a heavenly feast beyond all imagination awaits us!" David Jeremiah


Debbie said...

No; treats or no, that is a look of love. My dog has that look too and he doesn't always get cheese. Sounds as though you have a peaceful life. I'm thankful for you. That concrete block for the fish is a good idea. I'll share it with a friend who has trouble with herons. Have a nice evening and a great Friday. Debbie

KathyB. said...

I agree with Debbie, that is a look of love! What a great idea for the stock tank goldfish, a simple concrete block, and I happen to have one laying around so will put it in my trough tomorrow. My goldfish thank-you. ( Take that you big blue heron!)The goldfish have been the best mosquito larvae control we ever had.

LindaSueBuhl said...

Debbie - our life is as peaceful as we allow it to be. We still deal with the financial stresses and of course health issues - but dwelling on them only makes us miserable. We both make an effort to notice small blessing and give thanks for this place we have for an earthly home and the beauty of creation.
Kathy - yep - that cinder block has been a literal lifesaver for the goldfish - haven't lost one to a predator in a long while. Even our cat Moe likes to stare at the fish, drink from the tank but so far hasn't gone after one to eat (being overfed has it's benefits!)Absolutely the goldfish are excellent mosquito larvae control -besides being pretty to see those flashes of orange and white in the tank!

Farm Chick Paula said...

Awwww... she is so sweet! I love her eyes- and they do look like "Luv"!

Lanny said...

True Luv it is. This post is another nice description of a good life!