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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Photos optional

Today I'm going to do a different post for this site - no pictures. Was taking pics like crazy - then looked at the menu thingie and it said "memory card full". Things have changed with our camera set up - it isn't at my desk now so a little more complicated to get downloaded. Am hankering for a new camera - but thus far, that hanker isn't getting fulfilled. Particularly wanting a camera that will do both video as well as still digital - but as I said - right now that isn't happening. Today we are cleaning up the barn/workshop - it is difficult to find tools in there so DH and I are sweeping, shop vacuuming and he is now using a blower to clean out some of it (I left for a bit - sinus protection from all that air borne crud). It'll be nice to be able to walk in there and actually find the thingie ma bobbers with the yellow handles when I'm functioning as gofer in our various projects. Also cleaned up the bathroom in there (we lived in an apartment in that building while the house was being constructed - so it has a full bath and an 8 x 10 ft. room we use for the barn cat's apartment and to store paint supplies so they don't freeze in the winter. Bathroom may be a generous description - it is functioning but quite basic. Sprayed a copious amount of insecticide around the baseboards - lotsa spiders in there and more will come as the weather gets cooler.
After that interesting update - I suppose almost everyone is saying something about today being 9/11. I probably won't do that - other than to observe that as Billy Graham wrote"I read the last page of the book and know it turns out right at the end".
SO - am continuing to pray for Ellie, Toby, Kyle and our boys in Bangladesh. Also lifting up a young family who serve in ministry and had a very serious car accident. They continue to have surgeries and improve slowly - if you wish to pray for them also - they are the Pollard family and you can get updates at .
Life is often difficult - we weren't promised a smooth passage just a perfect landing! All is well in Buhlaland - bless you.


Pam said...

Ooh, you can't come and clean at my house next! Ha, ha, the cats have their own place, that's funny!

Thank you for praying for the Pollards and being such an encouragement to me.

Pam said...

Hey there! Be sure to stop by my blog...I gave you an award!