Authentic Compassion

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Iced Views

We had a cold spell last week - very cold for Texas. Adding to the misery was an ice storm. Like almost any event - good and bad from the ice storm. Here are some views of very ordinary bits around Buhlaland - ice on metal fence, icy crystals on windows and iced seed heads. Frozen flowers and all around iciness. Enjoy - with clear expectation of showing you freshly grown flowers and many things green in the next few weeks - live it up with ice on Texas.


Lanny said...

These are very delicate images. Thank you for sharing.

limpingalong said...

Beautiful! We didn't get ice here but have in the past.

Brandi said...

Great photos! I never left the house on Tuesday so no pictures of the ice from here! And Wednesday, I came to work all the while wishing I had remembered my camera! The sun shining through all the ice was so pretty.

Glad you made it through the storm ok.

Farm Chick Paula said...

Ice crystals are so pretty I think... but it makes me shiver just looking at it!!