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Monday, December 17, 2007

Too much is JUST enough

Cookies and candies and cakes Oh MY! We had a group of friends over to Buhlaland for a luncheon but what is the focus of MY picture taking? You got it - the dessert table. Starting at the bottom of the picture is cranberry cheesecake, next coconut pound cake, the tiny pies are my MIL's specialty - Butterscotch Tarts (we won't tell her that they are really tiny pecan pies also called Pecan Tassies) a tall bowl contains praline pecans and the white platter is macadamia, craisin oatmeal cookies. Next shot shows the fudge platter - yep - too much is JUST enough for Christmas. Lest someone fear 13 of us actually ate all this - most of it went to our church youth ministry's big Open House on the evening of the 16th. Whew - 'cause I've been doing some damage to those pecans and cookies. Life is a bit waist expanding on Buhlaland - we are upping the cardio and getting rid of leftovers!

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Pam said...

OH MY! Looks delicious, and such a lovely set-up. I love how the plates were different heights!