Authentic Compassion

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hey - It's HAY

Our goats still have plenty of pasture grass to eat - they don't like it much but it is nourishing and plentiful. I confess a need to overfeed everyone and everything, today we went down to a friend's place and bought some sudan round bales today. DH hooked up the big trailer and we drove about 17 miles south of our place. All went well - except the tractor with a bale spike on it wasn't starting today because we are having a cold weather spell. Typical country ingenuity,the guys figured out a way to use a heavy chain and lift the bales onto our trailer. Whew. Would have been a long trip for nothing if these men weren't clever - but DH and James knew how to solve a problem.

Once back at Buhlaland - the goats weren't overjoyed but once one ate a mouthful- wow! it's sudan - hey you guys - come eat some HAY.


Pam said...

For some reason, I have these romantic notions about farm life. Whenever I have an occasion to actually be on one, it is stinky, and unimpressive, but I certainly enjoy living the farm life vicariously through blogs like yours!

LindaSueBuhl said...

I find lots of people have romantic images of farm life, and sometimes it is romantic. It is often just hard work - not a bad thing. I'll miss a birthing season this year - always very hard and cold work but OH those babies.