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Thursday, December 20, 2007

A bit of light is gone

Last night a sweetly shining light passed from Montana to heaven. A young friend of ours lost her hard fought battle with cancer. I haven't introduced Ellie to this blog very often because she was far too special to trivialize with cliches. She was one of the children for whom we've sought prayer. Her beautiful family was with her and they are dealing with her passing with tremendous love, dignity and faith.

During the spring - Ellie the girl chose names for three does we planned to keep. One was Violet (daughter of Crybaby) and the second was Montana (daughter of Hannah) Pictured is the doe named by and for Ellie - officially in our herd registry as Ellie Skees (daughter of Nubiana). Our four legged Ellie is sweet, skittish and growing like crazy. Two days ago when we got the news that the girl Ellie was in her final hours, I went for comfort to the goat pens (I probably should mention that I'm not great with people -animals "get" me ). I picked up our Ellie, she was unusually calm about it and rewarded me by putting her head against my chest for a while. She didn't like the tears wetting her face so she began to squirm, wanting down. No big moral to this story .
I was aware before Ellie Skees and her family came into my life that God is faithful, sovereign and good. Knowing them deepened my faith in ways I am not articulate enough to explain. Her life affected literally hundreds of people - not only those who followed the story through her mother's blogging but people they met while at Sloan Kettering or while traveling .
See you later, Ellie Skees. I watched the video of you dancing this summer - all giggles and elbows and million watt smile. It will be wonderful to see you dance in glory.
Tears are shed in Buhlaland - I just have to avoid getting goats wet - they hate that.

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Pam said...

I am sorry to hear of her passing. She and her family are special people. I ache for her parents and little brother, but I rejoice that she has been made whole and dancing in heaven.