Authentic Compassion

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Changes afoot

I'm in a "maybe this thing is too boring" mode right now and messing around with fonts, colors and template. Please be patient - if anything is just too offensive please let me know - but I don't want to go "cutesey holiday decor" and yet -- well we will see what happens. I've taken off a link/notice about the salutes to fallen soldiers - not because I care any less but upon further research online - there are dozens of salutes to the brave souls who have given their all for our freedom. I have put ON and taken off a couple of things like polls (what kind of christmas tree are you - now really - that isn't me). May put up the poll offered by google - just for silliness sake - although part of this blog discipline is to focus me more on God and less on me - I'm finding that being playful isn't out of line with the nature of ourLord and Creator.

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