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Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Update - nobody will probably see this and I didn't want to do a new blog entry about it - my dear Seal cat died yesterday. He had been acting a little grouchy for a month or two - but we attributed it to aging (I am more grouchy now myself!) In the span of just a week his abdomen swelled and he quit eating. The vet did a necropsy and told us it was liver cancer - so there really wasn't anything we could have done differently. Seal was always a clown, loved people and was my dear companion for over 11 years. Our other cat - Moe the Barn Cat is looking all over for Seal now - I know how he feels.
I love my cat - his name is Seal and he has been introduced before. One thing I'd neglected to point out - Seal is a rascal. That isn't his breed - he is a Devon Rex but his nature is rascal. The other day he was compelled by his nature to investigate the contents of a package, apparently entering the gift bag via the handle. I was aware of his plight when he ran into the master bathroom making a moaning sound. After determining that he wasn't really injured - just ticked, I grabbed the camera and tried to get some pictures. Seal found it offensive I was capturing images of him looking less than his best so I couldn't get him to face me. Hope it makes you smile - here in Buhlaland we find entertainment easy to come by.

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Pam said...

Isn't it funny how cats love paper bags?!