Authentic Compassion

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Last roses of what season?

We still have roses blooming - the rose bushes look just awful but the flowers keep appearing. Such a long warm spell- here is it December and we still have roses. Cool huh? Texas weather is quite variable but this is unusual even for us. The rose garden - well not at the White House in Washington but here in Buhlaland.


Pam said...

How beautiful! We are having lettuce and cabbage coming up where we planted it last spring! I think they are confused!

rachel said...

Your roses are beautiful! We're enjoying warmer weather here right now, too, but we're not complaining! We had a cold winter last year, and a few days of cold last month, but other than that, it's been perfect fall weather. Hope to see you at Christmas, I'm planning on visiting my sister.