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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Sunshine for a while!

The orange/maroon blooms are the same lily shown on 5/27/07 posting about all the rain - amazing what some sun can do for flowering plants. Next picture is the sweet ruffled flower of an apricot colored daylily.

It is over under some oak trees - needs a little coddling but as you can see it is worth it! Two blooms just opened today - they were a gift a year or so ago on Easter - lovely trumpet shape set off by the container of ivy they are currently sharing. The waterlily blooms quickly given sunshine and warmer water - it is in the upper 70's already.

During lunch break I had a few minutes to take and download some "sunny shots". Plants and animals both respond to the warmth. Today we let the goats out in our front drive. Most are gorging on the tall grasses while some were lazing under a clump of oaks and scratching lots of spots created by biting insects after all this rain.

Here is a comparison view- the picture with goats is today - no goats is 5/27 - lots of rain! The topic is done - no more chatting about the rain or end of rain ----until the next 6 or 7 inch rain occurs!

Bless y'all - it is a good thing to be on Buhlaland today.
Updating on inaugural post - Norman is being a good mother - but already wearying of nursing her overeager Boudreaux - he acts like a starving boy when going for mom's meal on the hoof. She tends to just keep strolling along. She isn't rejecting him but she knows he is already able to eat grasses,grain and weeds - he is not totally dependent on her for nutrition. The little dark goat with one white foot (behind Norman) is Blackie's wether - surely tempted to let him stay when we take the wethers to market next week. She (Blackie) seems more content and sure of her place in the herd with offspring of her own (last year she had a stillbirth). I know I tend to ascribe human feelings to the goats based on observing them - up close and personal - for a few years. Most does seem to be stronger and happier with blood relatives around them - maybe it's the familiar smell. I make no claims of knowledge about goat mental states definitely not the Goat Whisperer of Texas.
I was mentioning Blackie (yes she is the solid black doe - somedays we aren't inspired when naming goats ) she is pictured in our front parking spot. You can also see the recently named Violet (white body - brown head with long ears) just in front of Blackie. We've had a month with 21 days of rain - Thank you Lord - the babies are ready to enjoy the drier weather. Another goat posting -there will be fewer when we slow down as the babies are bigger and we aren't changing the composition of our critter herd every few days.

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Pam said...

Hi! I came upon your blog by clicking on the "next blog" button at the top of my blog. Yours was several down from mine, but the first worth reading! I love the goats, and would like to get a couple myself some day. My hubby doesn't seem too thrilled about the prospect, though, so I might start with chickens. Anyway, thought I'd invite you to vist my blog. No goats there, but plenty of garden and todder stories!