Authentic Compassion

Monday, June 4, 2007

I've had the dew drop covered Mr. Lincoln rose on the page and thought it would be nice to show the beautiful flower in bright sunlight! We are still having on and off cloudiness and showers - but predicted to have our normal HOT coming on us soon. Amazing spring here - we forget the variety in shades of green until we get a wet spring. The backyard looks lush this year - pictured is the far corner where we fight poison oak (the vilest of plants). Our goats love to eat it - but then they spread the oil (which is what causes the reaction) by rubbing up against us. It is hard to resist those sweet babies - so sometimes I come inside and take a shower with coal tar soap rigth away. Doesn't really work but gives me a feeling of making the effort!
It is all good - poison oak is kind of like ripe watermelons - only associated with summertime!

Bless you and enjoy things in their time - to each thing is a season.

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