Authentic Compassion

Thursday, June 21, 2007

This morning I actually had the camera with me when we had a round of "queen of the tree stump". First you see Montana - watching the others circling the base of this old oak, then Dotsy begins an assault on Montana's position -oops - Dotsy is nudged off her precarious footing. THEN the older and perhaps wiser Blackie begins her assault - she has always loved this tree stump -and was making her way up. TaDa - she stands above the others - allowing them to acknowledge her as "queen". Blackie is very low on the hierarchy of our little herd - so this must have been a good moment for her! Somedays - it is just great to feel like the queen! Of course - there is a lot of work to stay there - but you shouldn't mar your moment by worrying too much - life can bring enough attacks without borrowing some from your future. So - enjoy Blackie - you earned your moment!
Montana begins the game

Dotsy's Attempt

All it takes is a good nudge and Dotsy's off
Blackie begins her assault

Then YEAH - I'm on top and you aren't! Blackie can exult!

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