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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

What a difference a day makes

Day by day there are changes - this time of year is one of the biggest single events. The past few years - January has been our birthing month and that is a big change - June is typically our "go to market" month. When you raise animals for meat - the day comes when they go to market and the herd changes radically in size and make up. Never fear - Mikey and Rocky are definitely here and Boudreaux's fate has yet to be determined (he hasn't been neutered yet) - Nubie's little boy is destined to go to a friend's growing herd as a breeder.

So the top picture is yesterday and today we have 10 less goats. Today's picture is taken at an angle that shows our neighbors barn and corner of their house. They were all spread out so it is a little deceptive - but walking in the pasture makes me know that there are fewer animals. Only males left are Mikey, Rocky, Boudreaux and Nubie's boy. Our sweet does are OK with their boys being gone - it was past time to wean. Bananna continues to struggle with what we thought was a snake bite injury - she continues to have a big problem and we are out of options. We tried penicillin injections but she honestly seems to get worse - so for now - we'll do the old "wait and see" - hoping that her basically strong body will overcome the problem. Selling her little wether might help a bit - no matter how big those boys are - they'll still nurse as long as they can reach the mama. Tonight they all got a big ration of grain and goat feed. When we took the trailer of wethers in to town - I was a little sad but had a moment of pride as the meat inspector looked at our little guys and said they were the best looking animals he'd seen there. Life in the country isn't easy - it is good and fulfilling and exhausting --but you stay in touch with what is real.

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