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Monday, May 21, 2007

Monday Morning

Good Monday Morning to you! We had a little rain last night so the moisture droplets may be raindrops rather than dew - I love the spent blossoms (spikey, feathery looking things on the end of long stems) contrasting with the purple star blooms.

Yesterday's lunch was pleasant - getting to know a new family and visiting with friends we have known for a while. Didn't make rolls - decided on a beer batter bread - good flavor with the pot roast and roasted chicken. Everyone seemed to enjoy the no milk/ no soy experiments - in particular the apple crisp and chocolate cake. Freshly grated nutmeg makes anything with apples taste so much better.

Busy week ahead - thankful that we have some real estate closings occurring and are going to take our '07 wethers to market in the next few days. The goats are getting big and it is more than time to be back to our smaller herd of mostly does and Rocky the buck-to-be (he isn't very big yet - he was a bottle baby and had lots of setbacks). Probably a late birthing season next year - Rocky won't be up to his new job until late in the fall at best.

Garden is doing OK - we need to till up the area where we had potatoes and broccoli - warm weather vegetables need to fill in now. Tomato plants are doing well although I never did get cages or stakes in place to hold them up. I try to make gardening "easy" and some things work better than others. Last year the garden was overrun with weeds due to no mulch and invasion of bermuda grass.
The odd appearing "mulch" is cut up grain sacks - had to supplement feed the goats so much this winter we had an oversupply of feed sacks! Keeps the weeds down well and definitely lowers the evaporation of moisture. A minor form of recycling?

Busy week - time to get after the real estate part of our lives. Nothing is easy however grateful working in our own business and trust that we can help people by doing what we do well.

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