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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Does and others

Better a meal of vegetables where there is love than a fattened calf with hatred. Proverbs 15:17

We are having some friends over for dinner tomorrow after church (that would be lunch in other parts of the USA). The menu is challening my culinary inventiveness- there are food sensitivies/preferences involved. Mentioning that is not a complaint - I love the challenge . Currently looks like we'll be having beef pot roast with carrots/potatoes, baked chicken, salad, fruit platter, wheat rolls, apple crisp and an eggfree/milkfree chocolate cake. So there'll be more than vegetables but also fellowship with absolutely NO hatred. To segue to the goats is too complicated so here is the tale of how we started keeping goats:
When you live on even a little acreage in Texas you definitely want to maintain the ag property tax exemption. At least the tax savings was our line of thought when beginning our goat enterprise! fter being given a buck and a wether 4 years ago, we purchased does with some kids and began to fence. The fencing and much of the physical/engineering work falls to my multitalented spouse. I do maternity duty and make runs to the feed store or veterinary supply. A goat herd justifies the agricultural exemption even though definitely not a money maker most years. 2007 has brought a glut of animals on the market - so we are in a holding pattern to schedule selling this year's wethers. We are keeping does born this year. Right now I am still having fun naming the does. In case there are ever people actually reading this blog and you are new to goat terminology a quick dictionary: in a group of goats, male goats are bucks and female goats are does while their babies are kids. My favorite (lame) joke is that goatkeepers are the only people society won't condemn for selling their kids! Anyway - neutered male goats are wethers. Enough classroom - three '07 doe kids need names. First choice of naming rights go to our new friend, Ellie.

This lovely little gal pictured to the right (now officially named Violet) is a twin born in January - her mother's name is Crybaby, she has older half sisters, Hannah and Bananna and is very long legged for her age. She loves to eat tree leaves while standing on her hind legs like her mom. The next candidate (Now known as Montana - rhyming with Bananna and Hannah as well as honoring the TV show)is a granddaughter of CryBaby. CryBaby's identical twin does from 2005 are Bananna and Hannah - this '07 little doe was born to Hannah . She is white with long black ears like her mom and grandmother.

Last but definitely NOT least is Nubiana's little doe (Ta DA! Drum roll please for the lovely and feisty ELLIE )- a fraternal twin born about 7 weeks ago. She is a pretty dark brown color with white - I especially love the big white blaze down her face. Her brother is white with light caramel markings. She is very feisty - never backing down from the older/larger kids and staying very close to her male twin. Unlike her mother - she will have horns - the hornless trait doesn't breed true.
Below is Nubiana - with a bit of plant hanging hanging out of her mouth. She is naturally without horns - we do not dehorn our goats. Nubie is the mother of Norman (shown in previous post). This is the little buck (named Boudreaux - our Cajun attitude little fella - let the good times roll!)born two days ago having a meal with his mom, Norman, protecting him from my camera! Norman is definitely a sweet gal. Her kid from 2006 is a doe named YoYo - which makes Norman "YoYo's Ma" - an affectionate homage to the great cellist!
Today's post is longer than most will be - I'm at the real estate office and it has been very slow today. My hard working husband did mowing around the house and weed trimming around our office. He came across a couple of copperheads - this is a bad year for snakes and we are cautious when the grasses get high. :::shudder::::: one of the goats - Bananna, apparently was snake bitten recently - poor gal had a very swollen head but slowly is recovering. It is always an adventure here - some adventures have happy endings! See y'all later.

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Ellie Skees said...

Ellie's suggestions for the names for thee kids are as follows:
She likes the idea of naming Nubiana's feisty little brown one "Ellie".
She thinks that you should name Hannah's daughter "Montana" (because of the show Hannah Montana).
And she likes the name "Violet" for the white and brown half sister to Hannah and Banana.
Feel free to not pick the names that she suggests... she just wanted to throw her two cents in! Thanks so much for the opportunity - that made her happy.