Authentic Compassion

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Blooming where you are planted

In the nature of full disclosure - I took this rose picture in a previous blooming season. We have a small garden just outside our breakfast room windows - there are several varieties of daylilies, columbines, the clematis from a few posts ago and roses. The roses are my favorites - they bloomed early this year and are now cut back, fertilized and awaiting the next round of blooming. My dad was an Air Force officer and most air bases we were stationed had Peace roses. His particular part of the Air Force was SAC (Strategic Air Command) and their motto was "peace is our profession". I have good memories of these fragrant showy blooms. I seem to be in a "remembering" mood this morning - the next picture is of a cactus plant my mom's "baby" sister, Aunt Dorothy, gave to us a few years ago. She had dug up a cactus near her home at Lake Whitney and potted it - each year it blooms heavily with neon pink blooms. The yellow blooms with red centers appear on some cactus in our back pastures - this year very few made it to the blossom stage
since in "bud" they are evidently deliciously appealing to our goats! Enough of the blooming reminiscing - it is too overcast today to take pictures so this will be a short posting. Will amend it later today when I'm not on the laptop - trying to post some recipes here but the laptop refuses to cooperate ( I know I know -GIGO!).
Bless you today - blooming where you are planted is a good thing - you have roots that can nourish and the flowers make you appealing.