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Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day is NOT just about picnics

Memorial Day is about memories of loved ones who answered the call to serve their country. The black and white picture is my father , Robert L. Porter, receiving commendation service bars in 1963 at his retirement ceremony at Walker A.F.B. in Nex Mexico. He served in the United States Air Force for over 23 years and was proud to be part of the defenses of America.
Growing up in the military made us very aware of the value of freedom and the price. Strange how in church yesterday there are so few people who stand up to be honored when the pastor asks who served in active duty military. My husband, Skip, served his country during the Vietnam era and knows the cost as do so many of our generation. Our neighbors son, Zack, is going into the reserves this fall. Our dear friend, Joe, is serving now on a compassionate mission in Central America. Thom Porter, a cousin, is a military chaplain. We have so many loved ones who have answered the call and a few who made the ultimate sacrifice. My Dad's brother died in WWII in the Pacific. The generation of our parents was the one who seemed to truly "get it" about loving others more than self.
We sang "America The Beautiful" yesterday - I love the lyric "O beautiful for heroes proved In liberating strife. Who more than self the country loved And mercy more than life! " Loving something more than yourself is the hallmark of those who serve - whether military or in any role of putting others above oneself. My Dad - Bob Porter - served his God, his country and his family. Thanks Daddy. For all those still serving - Thank YOU for understanding that the cost must be paid - sooner or later there is a price to pay for freedom. God Bless America, our President and all those who serve.

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Just read your blog and I love it so much! It's so peaceful and the pictures are lovely. Going to write soon. Today or tomorrow for sure..I'm such a horrible procrastinator..but I had to let you know how great your blog is.
love and love,