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Thursday, April 30, 2009

They grow up so fast

I apologize for the weird spacing on this - I'm too tired (will tell the story tomorrow or soon) and Blogger has that moves stuff around issue I don't want to fight. SORRY!

Day one, hour one saga of the chicks of Buhlaland. Riding home in a box - looking so fluffy and chickie - Date March 27 - all at least 48 hours old.

Just three days later getting feathers on our wings and wanting to explore outside this weird nest.

Yes now they are getting feathers and chickatude - look at that face and tell me she isn't thinking she'd like to peck my camera!

Then the big day comes when they can go out in the big wide world (at least the part of it enclosed by wire and a cover over the entire run). Is this where the term chicken describing a coward comes from? All eight of them huddled at the top of the ramp to freedom for quite a long time.

Then one chicken boldly goes where no chicken has gone before - she is on the ground! They readily go up and down the ramp now - their water and feeder is in their coop -
This picture is the harassment our sweet soon to be egg laying chickens must endure on a daily basis - two mouthy terriers trying to get IN that fence.
It is fun having chickens on Buhlaland !


Brandi said...

OH, chickens and fresh eggs! How exciting!

sharilyn said...

i can't believe how quickly they grow up!! so fast from dandeliony fluffball to complete-with-feathers-and-attitude chickens! :) i like chickens but roosters scare me!!

KathyB. said...

Chickies do grow so fast, fortunately for us egg lovers!

The terriers are just so appreciative of the chickens too, aren't they?Zoe appears quite healthy in the photo,is her heart worm treatment going well? and I like your chicken house and yard.

Anna Colleen said...

Those little chicks are so cute. We are having some baby ducks hatch on Sunday.

Sophie said...

Oh, they're too cute! They do grow up so fast, though....crazy! I got a book about raising chickens in the mail. I think I might try it once I get settled in... :)

LindaSueBuhl said...

We are really enjoying the chicken adventure - they are really looking like chickens all fully feathered out and less skittish around us each day. Sharilyn - no roosters in our bunch - all pullets.

Farm Chick Paula said...

Yes, they do grow up fast.... *sigh*...
I'm just so tickled you finally talked your Hubby into getting some chickies, Linda Sue! Fresh eggs are a comin' your way soon!

A. Joy said...

Love your hen house! Right out of a picture book. I'm always so happy when the chicks get done with the 'teenage' sparse down and feathers stage and are fully feathered. Thank goodness God didn't give us feathers - how much more awkward adolescence would be!