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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Lanny's Ride?

DH and I were turning onto Main St. after puttering around in town for a couple of hours (puttering can be translated liberally - spending money we hadn't planned) when we spotted a Kodak Moment perfect for A Dirt Woman . Lanny - I don't know whether you were in town on a lark or y'all practice plural marriage or this is a relative by Dirt bloodline - but you have some snazzy wheels.

Sorry about the spotty pic - through our front windshield isn't the clearest spot for a camera lens to work. Here it is the license plate of Mrs. Drt!

See how tricked out Mrs. Dirt's ride is here in Texas -

Love to you Dirt's woman - and yes in Christ we are Unlimited!


Lanny said...

Amen to UNLIMITED in Christ! Yeh, well, "that ain't me babe no no no no it ain't me babe", 'cause my Dirt's a poor overworked school teacher.

Headed to a parade as a spectator,

LindaSueBuhl said...

A parade - with Easter bonnets? Hope you got a chuckle from this - and I know about the affording vehicles thing - my husband is a retired person - overworked also. BUT we are rich in what counts. Also somewhat silly

KathyB. said...

Ha-ha! I bet Lanny wouldn't mind this buggy, but I suspect even if her Dirt could afford this , he wouldn't buy it...he is frugal. Not cheap....he is very, very generous in all things that matter, hospitality and helping those in need! But frugal about wise spending and priorities. Now if you GAVE it to Mrs. Dirt here....good thing you had your camera LindaSue!

It is a pretty buggy though, to be sure!

Lanny said...

Oh I got me a chuckle for sure.

The plural thing cracked me up the most ('cause I know you're joking) but really, if Dirt even thought about having a little sumpin' on the side he'd keel over dead 'cause the farm, teaching, shearing and his girls keep him fairly over worked.

That is a fact, Kathy cites, I do like that lady's ride and iffen I was the sort I might be jealous, and do a little coveting. Wonder how her Dirt got his name? Thanks for thinking of me when you saw it, thinkin' of how we're more unlimited that a mere vehicle could make us when we are in Jesus alone, but that I would undoubtedly look fine in the vehicle of the day!

Love right back to you and your DH.

commoncents said...

Beautiful post!

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LindaSueBuhl said...

Lanny - I have a husband with similar issues - works too hard to be a fool (or is that fool around? seems to be the same to me).
Commoncents -thank you again for the offer but your postings seem to be of a more political nature than my interests and blog links - thanks for coming by!