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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Again with the miscellany

Saturday morning --Comment moderation has been taken off now!
Sorry friends and occasional readers - I've enabled comment moderation for this post to avoid unnecessary malarkey from those who have nothing better to do than attack free speech along with all our other freedoms. Will change the comments back to normal soon - sorry for the inconvenience. First shot is the tulips I posted for Easter - they are really full and nice now- will be fun to see how they do when I put them outside for next year.

We attended (along with several thousand of our neighbors) a rally downtown to express our disappointment in the direction our government(at ALL levels) is headed. The little girl in a stroller is the child of a friend from church, the crowd was really mixed as far as ages and lifestyles.

I'm not expert with this macro setting - somehow the picture of an iris is out of focus and the honeysuckle was dead on.

Yesterday we tried to let the chicks out for some quality time in their run. They had great hesitation about even trying their ramp. One brave chick made a dash for it ----with Zoe raising cain outside the chicken run. Unfortunately we overestimated the size of the chicks because they walked out on the ground, pecked enthusiastically and then walked right through the chain link surrounding their run. Grateful for hubby remembering we'd kept the huge pole net purchased when we had guinea hens! All safely rounded up and moved back into the coop for more growing time.

OK it is busy time on Buhlaland - DH is removing siding from east end of house so we can rough in the new addition. I need to take truck for safety inspection and a few more errands (which includes buying eggs - come ON chickens!). Life is good and it is definitely springtime - ACHOO!

Almost forgot the original reason I wanted to post! click and enjoy!
If you are among the few hundred who haven't seen this youtube video yet - grab a box of kleenex and set aside 8 minutes - it is well worth it! sorry I couldn't embed the youtube video player --it is disabled (probably for copyright issues). has a very good posting about Susan Boyle--- here is her Backstory .


Brandi said...

Hi Linda Sue!

Susan Boyle is completely amazing. I am always in awe to find where God has hidden such wonderful talent.

Love pictures of the chickens and the flowers. Glad you were able to attend the tea party last night. I was not able to attend our local one, but hear we had a great turnout.

God Bless


LindaSueBuhl said...

Brandi - Susan Boyle just made our day around here - a sweet little brown hen singing like a nightingale! There were thousands of people at tea parties around the area - including Rick Perry! He knows from which end of the political spectrum his bread is buttered.

Dani said...

we must be on the same page, Linda as I just posted about Susan on my blog too....just wonderful...and glad you got to go to the tea party...we weren't able to as we got jobs...
your chicks are so cute.....I am always interested in how they are doing...

LindaSueBuhl said...

Ah Dani - we are indeed on the same page - we re arranged our work day around going to the Tea Party- didn't stay for all the speeches etc. but did march with several thousand people and lots of supporters in passing cars and trucks -

KathyB. said...

So you went to a tea party? I like your tulips. My hubby and I were laughing about your overestimation of the fencing for your chicks! Isn't it good to have them outdoors? Yes, chickens, lay! Fresh eggs from your own chickens taste best!

Your weather is nice and warm! We are finally getting some sunshine this weekend, but the nights are still chilly....

sharilyn said...

i'm just catching up on last week's blogs and see you went to a tea party, too! GOOD FOR YOU!! i took lunch to coincide with the one near us... the organizer was expecting 50 or so attenders... there were about 750 people!!! it was full of people of all ages and walks of life and it felt SO GOOD to get to march and demonstrate with others of like mindedness. i loved how everyone was so very well-behaved and courteous--so very UNLIKE many other protests i've had to see.

the macro lens is my best friend!!! i love to use it to capture those amazing close-up details!! but, with these auto focus cameras, it can be a real trick sometimes to get it to focus on what YOU want to focus on!! keep up the good work! : )