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Monday, October 29, 2007

Unable to upload blog

Hey there - well I am not going off on a rant becoming popular in the blogosphere- Blogger has a recurring/worsening problem uploading pictures to our blogs. Literally hundreds of people areparticipating in a cyber version of instigating a lynching. I keep thinking - but this is FREE we are not paying a penny to use this ingenious, fun tool. I'll try again tomorrow to uploada couple of pictures . We are having one of the most beautiful fall seasons ever. Not a lot of trees turning vivid colors, but the light this year is awe inspiring. Sometimes it appears our fields and animals were painted by one of the early American realist/romantic painters who captured that mote filled golden tinge of autumn (of course I cannot recall a single artist's name despite a few years ago having had a dear friend walk with me through the National Gallery of Art pointing out the special qualities of dozens)
Wanted to post because I am once again ramping up prayer levels for some people - one is a beautiful lady named Sharan who is struggling during her first week of treatment for leukemia, another is a blogger who goes by the name WhyMommy and is in the throes of chemo before she can have a mastectomy, our beloved little Toby Pannone is in a rougher time right now and Kyle Ogle has scheduled surgery to remove tumors in the lungs before he can qualify for another experimental chemotherapy. NOW - with all that said - I have a sense of joy about praying for these people - God knows and loves each of them, their situation is known to Him and the outcome was decided long before time began. BUT there is the fabulous mystery of prayer - He tells us to ask, ask repeatedly. So I'll ask and keep remembering a quote I read today from Elizabeth Elliot "about the wee small hours of the night making mountains of molehills". During the wee small hours of actual night or the midnight hours of our lives - it is too easy to abandon hope and forget all the blessings to focus on the what ifs and the maybes. Here in Buhlaland -~ it is well with my soul~ (look it up if that hymn is NOT a favorite already I'll post about it another time) - and y'all come back when we have pictures to share!

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David Spach said...

Thanks for your prayers for my sister, Sharan. It is great to know that she is in so many people's prayers. We are trusting the Lord will work something good from this event to His glory. Thanks again,