Authentic Compassion

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Job well done

Welcome to our offices, DH and I came over this morning to clean the outside of the building. You'd think being outside (that is redundant - the outside/exterior of a building is by definition outside huh?) it would stay cleaner than the inside does. BUT - that would be a mistaken notion - a bazillion spideys and their attendant messy stuff had festooned (what a great word) the outside of our little rock building and the windows were not precisely transparent - verging on opaque in some places! So armed with pressure hose, scrubby brush attachment to hose,squeegee, fistful of papertowels and determination to clean it UP around here - DH worked hard and I hardly worked but those windows surely sparkle now don't they? The beautiful cedar front door is DH's handiwork also - please note the Texas flag front door mat - yes - we are definitely in Texas! The original little building here was begun in the late 1800's - the rock part and several additions came from the 1940's on (so we are told by the neighbors who all seem to know these things). Just thought you might like to know - we do work in Buhlaland - and like our buildings nice and clean!

Wow - just realized that with my frequent scriptural references you might think I was referring to the man in the Bible who was named Job and writing without respect about roasting him or something. Nope - I am referring to work as in we had a job to do - and did it. Whew - didn't want to be accused of false or offensive titling. Yes I'm being facetiously silly.


Pam said...

Ooh, I love that door! What a pleasant little place...probably even more pleasant now that it is clean!

Farmgirl Susan said...

And I know I've just fallen in love with this building. That door! ; )