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Monday, October 15, 2007

Goats, goats and more goats

Smile - you're on Linda's camera! Pearl (brown doe goat staring straight at me as I take her picture) is evidently amused - see the smile?
Next view is the goats taking it easy alongside the driveway - all still in the front pasture.
Followed by our hot style maven- Rocky sporting a "mohawk" - or would that be goathawk? now. He suddently has a long mane growth (black area) making the style statement.- the Rockster is all about style.
A fiberglass building serves as isolation shelter for newborn kids and their moms during birthing season . This area of their big pens can be closed off from the other side but the does are still able to communicate with the herd. We've learned that the does have a rough time if isolated too long so we try to give the kids 48 hours of alone time with their mamas for bonding to occur. Usually not a big problem with experienced does, younger mamas don't really appreciate having that new thing wanting to nurse all the time. During the no baby season - we put a mineral block that is evidently delicious to a goat's palate - they stand in line sometimes to get in there and lick, lick and try to bite off pieces. Some will get sore lips working it over too much , weird but true. The small doe in there is our beautiful little Ellie . A prettier picture of Ellie - she was scratching her backside up against the branches.

Finally we find Ellie with her Mom Nubie and half sister Norman - they are in the front pasture and we are looking toward the neighbor's house - lots of renovating going on there. They have a great view from their house and with all the changes it is so pretty - nice people too.

That's all folks - I actually thought I'd posted these earlier in the week - too many things to do and I just forgot to hit "publish post" - thank goodness the people have an autodraft save built in the program! You've had your goaty update for the week from Buhlaland - Baaaaa!

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Farmgirl Susan said...

Shhhhh. Please don't tell my sheep, but I think I've just fallen in love with Pearl. That face! ; )