Authentic Compassion

Friday, October 12, 2007

Bloom where you are planted?

Trying to present something more lovely for you instead of the botany lessons about bugs, nuts and goat things.

I had to shoot this picture "tight" because all around these charming wild flowers was ugly. On the side to the left was one of those highly unattractive greenish phone wires "boxes" that stick up apparently purposed to be run over all the time. Other side was a dying plant and some trash (didn't have my gloves or would have picked up the trash - trash spreaders - HEY don't MESS with Texas). In between the two were these beautiful, delicate appearing flowers almost hidden behind weeds and junk. Won't go off on a long tangent about this, I'm working on blooming where I'm planted. I have to be reminded that being planted doesn't mean just a place - but relationships, jobs, ministry opportunities, websites - wherever I am - I need to bloom not be a noxious weed. Focusing on my blooming here in Buhlaland, on the internet, with people I don't think I wanted in my life - lots of issues but then life is like that. Sure like these flowers though!

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