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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Diospryos Virginiana

Our neighbors across the road have a most interesting tree - from a distance - it looks like a tree of small pumpkins! It is actually a persimmon tree! I've done a little googling about it - not finding a lot that would be blogworthy. The primary reason I took pictures this morning was during our first walking turn down the drive - there were two sizeable bucks over there. I said something wothy of Animal Planet - "look big deer,over there" to DH and the deer disappeared through the clearing behind persimmon tree and that concrete barrier. Must have been health conscious deer, upon investigation there were several recently nibbled fruits!

It is fun to think it is a pumpkin tree. I'll have to ask permission to try out this american persimmon. Supposed to be very tasty fruit, but only at the right stage of ripeness - too early and they'll serioiusly attack your pucker factor.! See - you can even get botanical information here in Buhlaland.

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Pam said...

I had a filipino friend in Guam who liked to eat persimons when she was pregnant. I don't recall ever trying them, though.