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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Funky cats

Moe is the black one, Seal is the grey one. They are truly the odd couple. Moe is our barn cat - he came to us when we moved into the infamous apartment in the barn/workshop. Seal is supposed to be a house cat, pureblood Devon Rex. Seal is happier now than he seems to have ever been. Although he definitely spends more time indoors than out - most mornings he can hardly wait to go outside, butt into Moe and take off to see what they can find. They occasionally mix it up - Seal loses those arguments. But in these two pictures, they were following us out to the goat pens,(shadows are the front gate to pens) . No great meaning to the pictures, just tickled me that they were watching out for our dogs (the picture where they are both turned away) and Seal was concerned about the loud sounds of acorns hitting the roof of the metal building next to the pens. They know they belong here. Just goofing around in the sunshine with my cats (they believe I am their person not they are my cats). It is often just this exciting on Buhlaland - and I like it like that!

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Pam said...

I couldn't see the pics. Just little rectangles with x's in them. Bummer!