Authentic Compassion

Monday, November 19, 2007

Aliens in the pastures?

See the strange light behind her? A goat with no horns and glowing Hmmm might something strange occur in our back pastures? Whoa! What's that? A crop circle (play along with me here) - see big bare round place where all the ground is covered with grass. Eeek - now a fluffy creature walking through the crop circle - oh really it is Moe Cat striding along. So maybe it isn't a crop circle but a place we burned tree limbs two years ago that is still sterile enough so the grasses don't grow there. The light - well it is autumn in north Texas and we get mornings like this very often. Nubiana being an alien creature - now THAT is a strong possibility. I am just silly here on Buhlaland today.

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