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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Can you see the Phoenix?

The picture was from a couple of mornings ago - can you see the Phoenix (bird) - wings are spread left and right, head is on long neck in the middle. I love the concept - rising from the ashes - renewed. Feeling quite renewed and quiet in my spirit today.
From Proverbs 31 Woman daily devotional today - talking about being contented - which is truly being thankful. We all say "Happy Thanksgiving" yet we believe being happy is dependent on our circumstances instead of being happy(joyful) with the Lord's true peace.
Paul elaborates on what to think about instead of our worries -- whatever is good, true, honorable, pure, lovely, praise worthy, and right. Many things can fall into these categories, but Christ encompasses them all! This is not just "positive thinking," this is "spiritual thinking."

That's right isn't it (BTW that was all from the devotional today trying to give credit where it is due)?
We are full , watching videos, football games and nibbling. Try some raw almonds spray with buttery flavored pam season with your favorite season salt. Microwave for at least a minute and a half. Crunchy, salty and lots of fiber - good for you and WAY better than chips and dip.
I'm heading back upstairs to family room - more football, reading and being with my DH and MIL. Can I fix you a plate? We've got PLENTY - and that is good in Buhlaland!


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