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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Nope - this isn't spring

Update - tv weatherguessers have announced this is a record breaking snow event - 9 inches of snow many places and still falling. Glad to be in the record books -and start thawing soon! Chickens made their way into the coop - we'll make repairs tomorrow (or the next day?)

We awakened to unexpected heavy snow in North Texas. Wasn't sure our spoiled herd was industrious enough to dig beneath snow for hay - but apparently HaySicle is all the rage now for goats.

Still snowing heavily on Buhlaland and it isn't our favorite form of precipitation. DH and I are warm in our house. The awning over our chicken run is collapsed due to the weight of this "we don't get weather like this" wet snow. Hope the cluckers stick around but I don't think we'll be chasing across the frozen pastures if they decide to go feral!
It is good on Buhlaland - very white, wet, cold but good. Not at all sure enduring snow storms earns us any part of a crown in heaven - but we know our troubles to be momentary!

2 Corinthians 4:17
For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all


Vickie said...

Linda Sue - looks like you got your share of winter. We are getting some tonight. A little this morning. Maybe I'll get to stay home from work tomorrow but I doubt it. Probably not, as the weather man is sayinig it'll get above freezing pretty early. I don't think they even closed all the schools around here. We'll see...

Kelly or Alex said...

Linda Sue, you got our Maine weather. Someone must have mis dealt the deck. LOL Hope the damage is minimal.

KathyB. said...

I am still bemused at the weather, it is balmy here in the Northwest,and also thankful it is one of the few things man is till unable to control, even though it causes so much distress so often.Take LOTS of pictures for next year's Christmas cards and winter blog posts LindaSue, it is beautiful. said...

I just love your goats-in-the-snow pictures!!!

Our girls are pregnant and darling. I need to go out and take pictures today since it is snowing here in our small corner of Georgia.

I've been blogging again believe it or not. I've missed the community of the blogging world. You know?


Wobegon Cottage(alice) said...

Having moved here to Central Minnesota from Washington State I have learned to find humor in the ice and snow. I LOVE your comment about haysicles.There is beauty here it is just different from what my husband and I are use to. Oceans and Mountains to Prairies, wind, snow and ice.Happy Valentines Day to you.