Authentic Compassion

Sunday, February 21, 2010

If a goat could speak - -

OH Look - the two legged ones are in the pasture.
Run - they might have food - run!

Run faster - stay together - Food they definitely have food!

We're almost there - mamas and babies and everyone run up to them for the food -- this is very exciting!

Oh crud - they are out here taking pictures again. Act casual and it will look like we meant to all run out here because we wanted to stand around and look smart.

It is good on Buhlaland to make up stories about what might be going on in a goat's brain - at least we enjoy the silliness.


Debbie said...

And we enjoy it with you Linda:)

KathyB. said...

Ha ha, you know they were running to you for food, and with the dispensing of food, aka 'gifts' comes love. I know they would not respond to me or others with the same enthusiasm they respond to you and your Hubby. You ARE special, and dearly beloved there on Buhl-A- Land, I can tell!Love the goat shots.

LindaSueBuhl said...

they are great amusement and no small amount of work. By the way - the group of three in the "look casual" picture at the end are mama - Flip, yearling Butterscotch and newest member of Flip's line - Caramel. All are huddling in the shelter now - another cold front moved in dropping temps 20 degrees in a short time.

Kelly or Alex said...

I get the same response here. If those greedy creatures think there is food involved, they are all over it. If not, back to the barn with a quick look back to make sure I understand their disapointment. Of course, that doesn't happen too much. I love to give treats. My babies.

Lanny said...

This was fun!

One of our favorite movies is Milo and Otis. We watch and then are reinspired to "speak" for the animals all the time. It is great fun!

Farm Chick Paula said...

*giggle* Boy you had them fooled, didn't you? They thought the treats were coming.
My sheepies are the same way, Linda Sue- except Daisy and Edie LOVE having their picture made. (I think it's so they can brag about it to the others! LOL)