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Friday, June 5, 2009


Wren - probably a Carolina wren is our best guess on the type of bird who recently nested here on Buhlaland. They built a nest up under our propane tank cover using twigs and leaves and goat hair (clever little boids) . Tiny eggs - cream colored with burgundy splotches. ( the egg for extreme closeup was one which didn't hatch - left in the abandoned nest - no baby birds were injured in the making of this blog post).

Next time we checked there were 5 tiny nekkid bodies and wide open mouths! Feathers began covering the little boidies bodies.

Thursday I realized I hadn't seen mama bird or heard her melodious call.

Final nest check showed nobody home anymore - a birder friend told me they "fledged" - what a wonderful word. I'm going to use it until it is part of my vocabulary (probably not as often as I will use the term y'all but not every word is as functional as every other word - even to a fledgling linguist!)

Hope all your baby birds and wishes are fledging successfully this spring and summer. I'll be back - not sure how often but here on Buhlaland we seem to have a pattern of all nothing. We are living on erratic blogging and high excitement of bird nest events! Early summer is quite good here on Buhlaland.

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Brandi said...

So sad you didn't get to see them leave and tell them good bye.

Great pictures.