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Friday, June 12, 2009

Quick Hi Y'all

I may be hitting the wall blog-verbially speaking (making up words is one of my few creative endeavors). Cannot seem to find a reason to post other than I want to stay in touch with my wonderful blogospheric friends. The roses are now serving as buffets for thrips. Insecticidal soap to the rescue!
Fence picture is example of with goats (on the left) and non goat pasture. Fencing is between our pasture and property of our beloved neighbor to the north. Advantage for us - no mowing. Advantage for him - lots of wildflowers. Ooh - just realized - advantage for us - seeing his wildflowers and not having to mow -- woo hoo!

Last picture is my feet - I know you've been waiting for this moment for ages - NOT. Odd loop in the right corner of pic is camera strap - I'm so professional in my photography (point, shoot - shoot lots more and find a good picture out of dozens - publish any picture if none are good - now you know full repertoire of photography tricks).

Crocs are as close to barefoot as I go when outside - yesterday we had an unseasonable heavy rainstorm. On my way out to goat pens I stepped in a low place in our lawn and was tremendously refreshed with a flow of cold water through the holes in my shoes. Grateful for nearly 2 inches of rainfall in past 36 hours and we didn't have any serious wind damage.

Appreciating the blessings of downpours this week on Buhlaland. If something comes to mind I'll definitely be back to post. It is good here, muggy, but good on Buhlaland.


Brandi said...

So glad you received rain! We have not had that much, but it was welcome none the less.

Love the pictures!


KathyB. said...

I love my crocs and knowing they are waterproof makes it O.K. to walk in the water.

Posting about the every day blessings and fun moments is refreshing, and seeing you love where you are is even better.Sounds like your neck of the woods and ours had very similar weather.

Dani said...

its been unseasonable here too..gray, overcast, and cool, in the 60s all day....very unusual and we are predicted to get some rain in the next day or two....

Lanny said...

I love hearing from you, even if it is little random tidbits once in a while. Hope things are going well down there, good on the rain. By the way, Bet and Anna have two blue ratties left.....

LindaSueBuhl said...

Brandi - wish you'd get some rain - it is thundering and dark here right now and about 110% humidity!
KathyB - crocs are also nice because we can wash them thoroughly - walking around my animals makes that a necessity!
Dani- extra cool weather gives you a little break on the AC and probably making your garden grow beautifully.
Lanny Lanny - you temptress - I've looked at the pictures of those beautiful little ratters and DH is not budging - with Zoe's heartworm treatment in the pet budget - nothing else for animals could be afforded. But those are some gorgeous pups!